Visa Making Woes

Making a Visa is turning out to be way more tiring than expected.

Monday: Went down with CJ and two of her friends. Out of the four of us, only CJ made her Visa successfully. Because the email from someone in the Embassy didn't state that I needed a financial statement.

Tuesday: Went down alone complete with ALL the documents. Only to be rejected because SNU didn't stamp my Certificate of Admission.

SNU replied quick though. And the coordinator says she's sending my documents right away. YAY.

Just a note for whoever's going through the same process.

Things to bring:

Just bring originals and photocopies for everything. Saves the hassle. They don't let you use their photocopying machine. I had to walk all the way to the nearby hotel's Business Centre to get photocopies. At 50 cents a piece.

That should be all. I'm gonna just faint if I have to head down again. ):

54 more days to Korea, 62 more days to the start of school!

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