Buses from Incheon International Airport to the City

Time passes real quickly.

As of now, I have 4 more days to go! (And 23 hours.) The thought of it is MAD scary. I've got a ton of things to do.

The mother and I have decided that we will not risk it and fork exorbitant fees for a cab into Seoul from the airport! Hence, we will go budget and take the Limousine Bus service. Click here for routes: http://www.airport.kr/airport/traffic/bus/busList.iia?flag=E

Bus prices range from 9,000 ~ 13,000 KRW. Compare this to a cab ride into the city which might actually cost you well over 50,000 KRW. Not to mention if you accidentally flag one of those more expensive cabs. Heard the price can go up to 80,000 KRW.

On another note, I find handling Korean Won pretty amusing still. I have to keep thinking in thousands and millions. And they rarely have the 50,000 KRW notes. So does that mean I have to pay for my 450,000 KRW rent in 10,000 KRW notes?! OMG.

Okay, back to packing!

CJ's leaving in slightly over 1 day! So excited for her!