Day 1: 23 February 2010

Everything still doesn't feel very real to me. Things moved really quickly from the point I reached the airport. Thank God I had my mother there with me to make sure I checked-in properly and that I had all the necessary items. Everything was just moving so fast. Hello, good bye, hello, good bye.

And then I was inside the gate wishing I had spent more time with each group of friends that were at the airport with me. And then fast-foward a little, here I am sitting in my hotel room typing this whilst watching Korean TV. Nothing's on now and I can't get to sleep.

I didn't sleep on the plane last night. Ended up watching Kaiji, a Japanese movie starring both the main characters from the Deathnote series. Twice because the plot was so riveting and complicated.

Okay back to Korea. The temperature outside's 8 degrees now, according to Google. My skin keeps having a weird feeling and I think it's trying to tell me I need to slap on more moisturiser.

This will be a long, detailed post, I'm warning.

So, I got stopped at the body scan because the metal buckles of my boots made the sensor beep. So I had to remove my boots and show my bright blue socks to the whole row of people behind me, great.

Boarded the plane, watched my movie, had my breakfast which pretty much sucked. Poached eggs tasted a day old and the peas were largely untouched.

Got out of immigration and the mother realised her phone wasn't working so she spent about 15-20 minutes panicking and making me find out Singtel's number. Mine is still working fine! I can receive SMSes, but I MAY or MAY not reply! 60 cents an SMS! Not cheap!

Had my first taste of subzero temperature. Was so amused by the air going out of my mouth, I purposely huffed and puffed a bit more to witness it. Incheon was seriously cold. We took our Limousine bus which dropped us off at Myeong Dong in slightly less than an hour. The air at Myeong Dong was warmer, but chilly nonetheless.

We left our luggages at the hotel as it wasn't Check-In time yet, and headed out for Starbucks! Vanilla Latte!

Walked around Myeong Dong and realised the place has mad awesome boots and shoes. I should just get my entire lifetime's worth of shoes there and never shop back in Singapore ever again. It was so pretty! But I gotta keep in mind my limited resources and the costs of shipping.

We had porridge that tasted great, but was served in too big a portion. I have no idea how everyone finishes their food. Oh and they prided themselves in being makers of slow, quality good. Slow it was! 20 minutes! But it was really yummy and worth every bit the 8,000 KRW, assuming I finished it all.

Pumpkin porridge.

This was my meal.

After checking in, we lazed around for a bit before I went out to meet Cheryl Jo to head to Yongsan Station to get our Korean phones. My first ever experience taking the Korean subway! Pretty fun! But not looking forward to how it keeps requiring me to top up the T-Money pass. Mustsavemoney!

Mad old Motorola on the left.

We ended up walking for ages because I remembered that Wei Ling mentioned something about a bridge. But I just couln't find the bridge. We asked a few policemen and they directed us to the 8th floor of I-Park. Thinking that they would surely rip us off since they were in the shopping centre, I suggested that we try to seek out the street vendors.

We must have walked for ages and in numerous circles before we arrived at THE STREET.

I came close to registering for my phone. BUT they wanted my Alien Registration or a Bank Account Number. Neither of which I have, obviously! I just landed 12 hours ago! (At that time.)

Dejected, we headed back to the mall for a last shot. A salesman directed us in the direction of second-hand retailers. And lo and behold, I met the nicest lady cell phone retailer in my whole life! Not only was she so patient in helping us choose models, she quoted us reasonable prices and was really sincere in helping us out. She even patted me on the back as I left. So motherly. I'll definitely recommend her shop to others seeking second-hand phones for a short-term period! She's a small-sized lady with curly hair and nice eyelashes, haha.

We came back and street-shopped at Myeong Dong again!

See what Korea has made us. FAIR.

Cheryl Jo's unique way of propping up the map to make it easier to read.

After much walking around and complaining of weak legs, Cheryl Jo and I finally met my mother and sister for dinner! I remembered seeing this location on Daum 지도! 멍동순두부! (Myeong Dong Sun Du Bu!) Sun Du Bu is just Spicy Tofu Stew.

This looks dubious but I swear it's damn good! 6,500 KRW for a bowl with free hot stone pot rice.

And unlimited side dishes. The waiters were so attentive and kept refilling our dishes!

Because my lovely wool/angora Topshop sweater rebelled against me and shed its fur over my entire outfit for today, I decided to pop by Daiso to get a Lint Remover. And in the process, I decided to peek at F21 at M Plaza. (Daiso is in the same building but a floor up.)

The crowd during night time.

Grabbed a roll of Cheese Kimbap (2,500 KRW) from the convenience store downstairs. Yummy pickles!

And then I rested for the night to this amazing view. (:

Will go to bed now! Shifting my stuff into my off-campus room tomorrow!

Now that was tiring. I MAY or MAY NOT blog in such detail in the future. Take care all!