Alien Registration & International Opening Party: 5 March 2010

Hauled myself to the Seoul Immigration Office early on Friday morning to get our Alien Registration done. (YES ONCE AGAIN I AM AN ALIEN HERE.) So tiring. Plus we got on and off the trains two-three times. Stupid reasons. Waited there for 2-3 hours. Crazy shit.

And then we headed to a restaurant that sold 전 (Jeon) or Korean pancakes. This was really good. 10,000 KRW for one.

And I bought nail polishes from Face Shop! The matt colours are 1,000 KRW a bottle while the shimmery one is 3,000 KRW. Cheap much?

After that I had to attend the International Opening Party organised by SNU Buddy. And so I made the decision to wear a dress with stockings and my oxford heels. DRESS IN WINTER. Lucky the location of the party is 2-3 minutes from my place, so I didn't have to suffer in the cold for too long. And the heels weren't uncomfortable at all!

My usual bunch. SH had too much to drink.

Bernice! Singaporean too!

I don't know, like, 3 people in this photo. SEE HOW RANDOM.

Anyway, I find it scary how when people with lighter eyes take photos with flash, all their eyes turn out red. I know I can correct it on Photoshop. But I'm really just too lazy to do that for everyone.

Person in purple is Goo. He's the group leader for the other group and he's super nice and funny!

And the party location closed at 11.00 PM. But everyone was obviously in no mood to head home. So we went to a 노래방 (Noraebang) nearby where we got the biggest room there was at 30,000 KRW for 1.5 hours. There were some random people in the room that I didn't really know so it was quite weird initially. And plus I could barely hear myself so I was rapping and singing out of tune almost the whole time. Embarrassing. 

Why do people always get in my way of photos! Lol. This is Younes by the way.

See! Kidding PS, I still love you! :D

And I got home about 1.30 AM? And I basically concussed till 12 PM the following day. I headed to Apgujeong on Saturday and COEX on Sunday. Photos will be up soon! A boring week of lessons commences yet again! T.T

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