Beautiful Sunset at Namsan Tower: 28 March 2010

Let me present you things you should bear in mind on the hike up to Namsan!

1) Have a good meal before going. There's restaurants there, but chances are they're going to be pricey. The convinience store at the top didn't have prices either, so we didn't get anything there.

2) Get off at HoeHyeon subway station and get out of the exit that leads to Namsan Park. Once you come out of the exit, you should walk straight till you see a sign post that points to Namsan Park. Turn left at that point. It's a long walk up the hill!

3) Take photos of the sights! We went before sunset when everything was still bright and clear.

4) After walking straight for a while, you'd come to an intersection. Just recognise this gantry and walk up! Namsan Tower is just right in the background.

5) Just keep the tower in your sight and soon enough you'll reach!

We reached at sunset and it was so pretty!

Just to show that we were really there!

Stealing Trent's glasses. He's not too happy about it.

We had to pay 7,000 KRW (SGD $8.50) to go up to the Observatory where we met a Korean staff who kept giving instructions to us in Korean. I thought it was pretty unprofessional because how can she assume we know Korean? Isn't Namsan frequented by tourists? Just because we all look Asian doesn't mean we're Koreans.

I met a while bunch of Singaporeans in front of the Singapore window, which stated that I am 4000 plus kilometres from home. I MISS HOME. But I am beginning to bemoan how little time I have left here.

And at the end of the whole thing, we got stuck waiting for the elevator because one of them broke down. So we queued for about 20-30 minutes for an elevator to take us down. Some people got pretty angry. I thought the staff didn't manage it too well either. No signs, no announcements. We only knew the elevator was spoilt because Youngkyu overheard a Korean lady ask the staff and so she told us what the staff said.

Enough about Namsan. The hike up was pretty satisfying too. I had fun! Though I admit, I should really train up. My stamina is seriously failing me even though I climb five flights of stairs and countless slopes everyday.

When we were done, we took a bus back down to Chongshin University subway station, alighted and took a train all the way back to our place.

Empty train! Seats!

When we got back, Trent wanted to cook, so he went off to get ingredients while the rest of us watched television at his place. We shared the cost of the food and this is what he whipped up!

Chicken was from the supermarket. He made the mushrooms and fried rice. The pancake-like thing was bought from a street-side stall.

Overall, it was a pretty good outing! I can see why Koreans like hiking now. It's pretty therapeutic. Feeling the wind in your hair and seeing the sights as you go higher and higher. I don't know if I want to climb the mountains behind my school any time soon though. We'll see!

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