Day 2: 24 February 2010

HELLO PEOPLE! Sorry for the delay in updates! My entries will get progressively shorter because I think I'll be busy once school starts and I can't go to so many places any more. BUT I BRING YOU DAY TWO! (:

Somewhat constipated smile. It was too early in the morning!

Day two started off with a piping hot cup of Hot Chocolate at Krispy Kreme, where I concluded that their doughnuts are indeed nicer, but not that special after all. Nonetheless, it's a good hangout place. We walked around the empty streets of 명동 (Myeong Dong) and took photos with random items.

Hole in fringe. GAH.

The females of the family.


So on my second day in Seoul, I moved to my accommodation located in 관악구 (Gwanak-gu). It's called a 고시원 (Goshiwon). It's basically a building with tonnes of tiny rooms. The rooms are pretty basic. The cheaper ones come with a bed, desk, television and a closet. The slightly more expensive ones have toilets in them. Mine has a toilet. Lesser space to navigate around.

On the cab to my place. The driver spoke really quick, but he said I spoke good Korean. Lol.

The bridge across Hangang River!

The view of my room from the door. VERY SMALL.

My personal toilet. And my very cramped wardrobe space.

I'm paying 450,000 KRW for my room, which is actually a little steep. But my room is pretty comfortable. It's a total warzone now with my stuff everywhere because I have no room to keep my luggage. So I'm just stacking stuff on top of it. I need to find time to keep everything in their drawers and cupboards. SOON.

After hauling my items up five floors, (YES FIVE. I climb five floors of stairs EVERYDAY. I can't even afford to forget something cos' that would mean climbing five floors up again and down. Ugh.) I went to an eatery nearby for lunch.

Hi delicious 김밥 (Kimbap)!

My two companions all the way from Singapore.

Back to Seoul National University subway station to meet the Singaporeans.

This is 이대 (Edae), a fantastic shopping area. It's also home to Ewha Women's University.


Nifty streets with cute, little shops.

We walked a lot. There's so many small little lanes there. And whilst walking, we walked past this huge gate.

And we went, "OMG WHAT IS THIS!" and we went in to explore. Turned out to be Ewha Women's University. It's such a pretty place, really!

And then we got hungry. Please be warned that there's going to be loads of food after this post because it was towards dinner time.


3,500 KRW for a small cup with 3 toppings. About S$5? Pretty alright compared to Frolick and Yoguru, I guess.

We waited for our Hong Kong friend, Trent, and he brought us to Sinchon (신촌) where we hunted high and low for Fried Chicken. We eventually found Hotsun Chicken. We received 3 Kim Hyun Joong posters from the Ahjusshi for spending more than 30,000 KRW. But I passed the posters over to my friend for safe-keeping cos' I was too lazy to hold it.

Vintage Pepsi bottles which we went picture-crazy over.

Grilled Chicken.

Fried Chicken. SO GOOD.

Thereafter, we went grocery shopping because I realised my room was really lacking too many things. I spent 30,000 KRW at the supermarket. GOSH I REALLY NEED TO BUDGET MY MONEY. T.T

And then I lugged groceries plus 3 one-litre bottles of mineral water up to my room. UP FIVE FLOORS. My stamina is so gonna improve after four months. This is a blessing in disguise, haha.

AND THEN I WENT TO SLEEP. And I slept well in my new room. (:

Next will be Day Three where I went to Seoul National University (SNU) for my Orientation! Till then!