Day 3: 25 February 2010

Short entry because I didn't do anything much and because I have a test to study for. Will condense all the remaining photos from 26-28 February into a weekend post probably tomorrow.

So it was our Orientation Day, and my very first time going to school! We arranged to meet at Starbucks to head to school together. We boarded the bus and went on our way. School's REALLY near my place. Maybe about 10 minutes away if there's no jam? Something pretty tragic happened though. Some of our friends got left on the bus because they weren't sure how to tell the bus driver they were going to alight. (Some of us already went off.) And so we watched as the bus went off with our friends.

Rainy day in school!

My school is surrounded by the entire 관악산 (Gwanak San).

Puay Shian who I see almost every other day.

This was right before the Orientation Talks.

We walked around my school and then I joined my group for dinner at a barbequed meat restaurant at 녹두 (Nok-Du).

We headed out for some drinks and snacks after dinner. I got to try sea snails (which tasted pretty alright) and Korean-style Sweet & Sour Pork. Oh for drinks, they drank beer. But I don't like it, so I asked for fruit Soju and we decided on Yogurt Soju, which tastes a lot like Yakult! And it was home sweet home for me by 10.30 PM.

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