I ♥ 설렁탕!

U-Lynn came over to look for me after my morning classes today and I brought her to the 설렁탕 restaurant near my place. (It's the restaurant where they filmed Shining Inheritance, by the way.

I think this is my third time eating it. 6,000 KRW (SGD $7.30) for a bowl. Not exactly cheap but I really love the warm, fuzzy feeling it gives when you drink it on a cold day.

I had lessons from 9.30 AM to 12.15 PM. Will have lessons at 4.30 PM and Korean class at 6.30 PM. It's 3.46 PM now, I should get back to school. I AM SO TIRED. Had Fedac, some cold medicine, and it knocked me out till this afternoon. T.T