It's Snowing! 8-12 March 2010


Ended the second week of school and I AM SO TIRED. I attempted four hours of sleep on Wednesday night and it was plain disastrous because I had lessons from 9.30 AM till 9.20 PM on Thursday. (Complete with a four hour break that allowed me time to nap at the College of Business.)

See the professor is still at his teleconference to Turkey! Even after 4 lessons!

Food photos are about to follow, do not view if hungry. And I'm feeling hungry now. At 3.14 AM. T.T Hye Yeon had a room-warming session because it was the start of the term and she just moved into the room, I assume. She made lots of food and it felt SO good to finally have home-cooked food in weeks.

And when we went out at night after the party, it was snowing! I was too shocked for the first two minutes or so, then I whipped out my camera because I wanted to see if I could capture the snowing scene.

Everyone took out their umbrellas while PS and I wore our beanies and hoods.

Footprints in the snow.

The snowy view from my window.

So the next day I only had one lesson. After class, I had to go grab the Active Korean 4 textbook to review through it as well as buy the textbook for Evening Class's Level 5 because I was contemplating the switch. BUT I had to go when it was lunchtime and the office was closed. SERIOUSLY. But luckily PS got the book for me and passed it to me in the evening. THANKS GIRL!

>< face. Similar?

오뎅 (Odeng/Fishcake), 떡볶이 (Ddeokbokki/Ricecake), fried snacks. All for 5,000 KRW. Supposedly my lunch, but I ended up sharing some with Kang cos' I couldn't finish.

LOOK WHERE WE ENDED UP AT! Tucked at some obscure corner of Hongdae was this cute, little Hello Kitty Cafe!

The cakes were relatively affordable. But I probably wouldn't be going back any time soon because there's so many other pretty cafes to explore.

Next day at school, all the snow was starting to melt. ):

Pretty skies!

Apart from the fact that the campus is nearly pitch-black at night, it is actually quite pretty!

Candice, I found Lee Joon on TV when I came home.

The next day, we didn't have school, BUT we went all the way to school to have lunch with the group and to buy our pullovers. (OMG ITS SO WARM AND NICE.) I don't regret going all the way back to school though. I had one of the best school lunches yet and we managed to visit a traditional Korean tea house tucked in a corner of the school. Building 101, I think.

KKK & Seol.

Mochi-like things.

I believe this is called 약과 (Yakgwa/Fried Honey Cake).

Abby's Cinnamon Tea!

My Plum Tea that is supposed to help in, ahem, detoxification. How?!

So I went to places in this order after that: Student Service Centre to get my pullover, which you can see above, Daiso to buy tonnes of essentials and stuff to organise my room, Silim cinema to watch Up in the Air (Good movie, I think!), Fried Chicken restaurant for some Fried Chicken (CHIKIN!) and beer. Not a big fan of beer, but let's just say, the beer here tastes better than the Singapore types. I heard it's cos' the beer here is light. T.T Fine, I can only take light beer. Give me my fruit Soju anytime.

I met Miss Kim, my Korean teacher at NUS Extension back in 2008, yesterday at Hongdae. She treated us to really good food! In return we treated her to coffee at Starbucks. Hongdae has a million and one quaint cafes and we go to Starbucks. Everywhere else was full. T.T Photos are with CJ because I didn't bring my camera out.

I'm heading out the the museum later. Hope the skies don't rain on us! 

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