Lessons, lessons & more lessons: 15-18 March 2010

Let's see...

Collect my Alien Registration Certificate. Essentially it's a card, but whatever floats their boat. I AM OFFICIALLY AN ALIEN. It's pretty good having the card though, I can sign up on sites now. Like SBS. Just applied for Inkigayo tickets. Let's hope I get it.

Tuesday: Non-stop lessons for the whole day, followed by a trip down to the Hip Hop club in school. Everyone there was really nice and welcoming. I might actually join!

Wednesday: One lesson. Spent the remaining time celebrating my group leader, Jung Min's birthday. I headed down to COEX with Trent to get sneakers for running and possibly for dance. Got a pair of Nikes for 69,000 KRW. Pretty alright, I think.

The cake!

My group leader!

Everyone looking happy for the birthday boy.

Eating cake with chopsticks. Pretty much a first for me.

Thursday: Whole day of lessons with a four hour long break in between. I met up with my busy buddy and pretty much got interrupted every few minutes or so by his friends or other exchange students. Not complaining though. I got to meet lots of new people.

Friday: Suwon Korean Folk Village & Gangnam

Saturday: Youtube Music Day @ Gwangnaro Melon AX Hall

Sunday: Yeoido Full Gospel Church, Andy Warhol @ Seoul Museum of Art, Makkeoli @ Insu