School's Started! 2-4 March 2010

It's a short week. Monday was a holiday because of Independence Day. They call it 삼일 (Samil). Literally March First. ( I didn't see any festivities though. And I spent Monday doing the mentioned items in my previous entry.

Tuesday was my first day of school. FOUR lessons. New Product Development, Marketing Management, Culture & Social Transformation of Contemporary Korea and Korean Language & Culture. I love the third one! It's pretty interesting. We're studying suicide cases in South Korea and the hows and whys of it currently. The business courses aren't too bad, but there's quite a bit of readings. The last class is just weird. See photo below for reason.

He was trying to connect to TURKEY for lessons! And he spent like HALF AN HOUR trying to do that. Plus he read from the word document for lessons. Not my idea of fun and interesting.

3,000 KRW dinner in school! The reddish meat thing is pork. Side dishes are fish cake and seaweed. (SH commented that the seaweed is a lump of sodium. Agreed.)

For Wednesday, I only had one lesson. Modern Society & Global Language. That was mad fun. Our professor's really cute and funny and there's just SO many nationalities in the class. I also had my Korean placement test where I got told that I speak SNU Level 5 Korean but write SNU Level 4 Korean. So I had a choice to go into Level 4 or 5. Judging from my lack of writing abilities, I decided on Level 4. The guy said I can change if I don't feel comfortable.

After everything, I just went home and rested for a bit before I met PS, SH, Abby and Jun (Abby's friend who I now know) for dinner, grocery shopping and deserts.

Similar to Cold Rock in Singapore.

Having ice cream in the cold is pretty refreshing. 1) Your ice cream doesn't melt as fast. 2) The ice cream isn't even that cold. My hands were colder.

Thursday saw me having three classes. Two in the morning and one that came four hours later. Hence I spent the extra time transferring money for my Korean Language programme, using the computers in school and buying waffles. I rushed off after school to meet Kang at Edae (이대)!



After! It's so spicy. Shouldn't have put too much of the reddish sauce thing. I believe it's Red Pepper Paste.

Shortly after, I brought her shopping at my favourite shops. I spent 30,000 KRW on 4 new tops and 15,000 KRW on 3 new skirts. Did I mention I love Edae? I should control my trips there though. And buy more when Spring comes. Because now all I'm buying are long sleeved tops cos' I have so little of them. Everyone should go to Edae!

Alien Registration (I know right, Alien. YES I AM CLASSIFIED AS AN ALIEN HERE.) and International Opening Party photos will be in the next entry! 

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