School's Starting! 1 March 2010

Hello beautiful SNU gate I see every morning on the way to school.

Snow-capped mountain at the back! This was before I saw snow at Myeong Dong at night, so I was excited and decided to snap a photo of this.


This is probably my favourite part of school. The lake was frozen a few days ago, but it's clear now.

Sides at the Ox Tail Soup ( restaurant we went to.

6,000 KRW for this big bowl of soup with rice and unlimited side dishes. The soup is da bomb!

Our faces! My buddy's in red, but his face is blocked by my hand.

Poor PS was so tired, so I brought her to my place to rest before we headed out to dinner. She ended up napping and I ended up blogging. SEE HOW HARD I'M WORKING TO KEEP UP. (I totally feel how you felt when you were in Korea and blogging, Jeannie!) We trained across the Han River again to head to Myeong Dong. We're always going across the river! Our side of Seoul's pretty boring. But apparently that's because I haven't checked 강남 (Gangnam) or COEX out yet. I will, soon.

The original plan was to go to the Chinese restaurant that I went with the mother and the sister. But because we were too cold and we passed by Din Tai Fung first, we headed there. Xiao Long Baos taste different, but still alright. Fried Egg Rice TASTES EXACTLY THE SAME. Omg, crying. It was so good.

PS, Elizabeth and Abby! (Abby's really cute! She's from Hawaii and she's very adverse towards the cold so we're always griping about it together.)

Younes, Trent and myself.  (Younes is French so English isn't his native language. He keeps lapsing into French when speaking to me! He speaks good Korean though. Trent is from HK but he speaks English with an Australian accent and Chinese with a Taiwanese accent. SO CONFUSING RIGHT.)

We wanted to go for Bubble Tea, but the place was closed by the time we headed there.

AND OMG WE SAW SNOW. It was small but OMG YES WE SAW SNOW. PS and I were like excited little kids when we realised that it was snow and not rain that was falling. Needless to say, the night was mad cold.


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