Stalking around Apgujeong (압구정): 6 March 2010

After the very fun-filled night, I decided that I had to rest to recuperate. Hence I only lugged myself out of bed at a very unearthly time of 12. Considering how I've been waking up at 8-9 almost everyday to settle matters/go to school/sight-see, yes, 12 was pretty late. I messaged U-Lynn (She was in Seoul to study Korean at Yonsei University for about 3 weeks.) to check if we were meeting and she told me she was auditioning at Everysing at 압구정 (Apgujeong). So I messaged my fellow fangirl, PS to check if she wanted to go check out the area to see if we could spot any (lol) good-lookers or celebrities.

Lo and behold, we ended up on the wrong street. We probably overshot it by a good kilometre or two. I was trying to keep calling to a minimal because Daphy & U-Lynn both didn't have Korean phones = expensive to call. (I got to know both Daphy & U-Lynn from the K-Pop Contest in 2008!)

So we decided to just walk around and try our luck with the minimalist map that I had.

Cute, bored puppy I found sitting at a pet store along the way. They sell really small puppies here! I've never seen such small puppies in Singapore before!

And after a long, long walk of turns and detours, we found Starbucks and Everysing!


Myself in my puffball jacket, U-Lynn and Daphy sitting in the Everysing room. 10,000 KRW for the smallest room for 1 hour. Pretty alright, I guess.

According to Hidayat, this is a luxury 노래방 (Noraebang) that's cheaper than Everysing. I WILL BE BACK!

And as if Cold Stone wasn't enough, we girls had Baskin Robbins Fondue! I miss my Frolick/Yoguru yogurt though! This whole set was 16,000 KRW. We didn't manage to finish all of it.

They have giagantic mirrors like this in almost all the subway stations I've been to! Awesome much for camwhoring moments!

The view from the rooftop of the place I'm staying at. My room's one of the three rooms at the rooftop so it's pretty quiet and I can go out onto the rooftop randomly. It's fun!

I'll definitely miss urban living when I'm back in Singapore. Not that I'm not living in an urban area, but my town is a lot quieter and further away from the train station. Here in Seoul, I stay less than 5 minutes away from the subway station. It's too convenient that I end up spending a lot more than I should. On food, drinks and random groceries.