Takeaways, shopping & hiking! 22-28 March 2010

Last week, I spent the weekend at 부평 (Bupyeong). It's towards 인천 (Incheon), slightly outside Seoul. But before I begin, let me bore you with the boring details of my weekdays.

Monday: HEAVY SNOW. Lunched with PS after lessons and had coffee with her and JS before I went home to sleep my cramps away. But lo and behold, when I awoke, snow was pattering heavily against my window pane. I woke up unwillingly and trudged to the bus stop to catch the direct bus to the Language Institute for Korean classes. As if my day couldn't get any worse, turns out I took the wrong bus. (Note to self: TAKE 5511 when going to College of Business/Language Institute!) So I had to trudge 15 minutes in the snow, with the wrong shoes, worrying about every step because the road was slippery. ALL THIS WHILE CRAMPING. So miserable. And then I became ill.

Tuesday: I collected my SNU Student Card. FINALLY. But not like I'm really going to use it? Not a big fan of school libraries. But my room is too cramped to study. I had dinner in school with the usual bunch and I ended up meeting my buddy for a random chat and coffee. (Yes Koreans love their coffee. But then again, coffee here isn't really coffee. Will talk about that in another entry.)

Wednesday: Relief! I ended lessons and then had a birthday celebration. AGAIN.

Highly tempted to have my birthday here in Korea so I don't have to worry about whether I should have a party or not. And I get nice candles here too. And pretty cakes. Korean bakeries sell the nicest cakes, seriously. I rushed down to 명동 (Myeongdong) to meet Kang for some walking around and catching up. Found Candice's dearest A Land and got myself a vintage cropped dark denim jacket for 19,000 KRW. (SGD $23) And then I bought 4,000 KRW (SGD $5) Milk Tea from Quickly and headed to PS's place for take out!

짜장면 (Jjajangmyun/Black Bean Paste Noodles) and 탕수육 (Tangsuyuk/Sweet & Sour Pork). Supposedly Chinese. But meat tastes more western-style fried than Chinese. Sigh, I miss the Sweet & Sour Pork at home.

Thursday: Non-stop lessons, thank you. I somehow managed to squeeze in time to meet U-Lynn, have a huge Venti Vanilla Latte at Starbucks, rest at home, and head back to school for lessons. Bernice, PS and I headed to 노래방 (Noraebang/Korean Karaoke) right after evening Korean lessons because I had a karaoke craving. Bad idea. I killed my throat.

Friday: Took a dose of Fedac at night and found myself waking up to missed calls from Singapore. I woke up but went straight back to sleep because I just couldn't wake up. Missed group lunch. Woke up finally at 1.30 PM and did a bit of work before I packed my bag for Bupyeong. Took the right bus (THANKFULLY!) to school for Jee Soo's birthday celebration.

The kid guy messed up his birthday cake by viciously shoving the knife in all directions on the cake. Not a pretty sight.

I took a long train ride to Bupyeong. It involved one train transfer, but getting stuck at Sindorim was really bad. I was stuck at the platform for close to 10 minutes, crawling along to the stairway out because the platform was just so packed with people.

Waited around for Cheryl Jo to bring me to her place. Walked around the area and it was just metres and metres of shops. Most of the stuff there were about the same price, if not cheaper, than the shops at Myeongdong or Edae. And the best thing is that everything is underground so you're not exposed to the elements when you shop.

Went back to CJ's place, which she shares with two other people and we ordered Mexicana chicken takeaway. Honestly, I thought the chicken was pretty normal. It's just hyped because it's SHINee endorsing it. I had way better chicken today and it was a little cheaper. This whole box of chicken with a drink cost us 15,000 KRW. (SGD $18.40)

Saturday: Woke up really late, had lunch and shopped around again. I got myself a baseball/college jacket for 55,000 KRW (SGD $67) and three pairs of stockings for 9,000 KRW (SGD $11) total. We also got Aquamarine lenses for 9,000 KRW. They last about 3 months. We then took a bus all the way to CJ's school, Inha University, area for 6,900 KRW ($8.50) unlimited barbequed meat buffet. The ribs were so good!

We looked around for 팥빙수 (Patbingsu/Red Bean Shaved Ice) and we finally found a place that sold it! We settled at Can & More whilst waiting for Joy and we had 과일 빙수 (Fruit Shaved Ice) instead. It was 5,000 KRW. (SGD $6) You can see our Aquamarine lenses in the photo further down.

Once Joy came, we headed to the Luxury 노랭방 (Noraebang/Karaoke) near their place and paid 6,000 KRW (SGD $7.50) per person for unlimited ice cream and a singing room for 1 hour. We had our time extended about 3 times, so it came up to about 1.5 hours.

And we slept in pretty late the next day. I took a train back to my place and rested a while before I joined the usual gang for a hike up to 남산 (Namsan).

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