The First Weekend: 26-28 February 2010

I woke up early Friday morning to a stomach ache. I guessed it must have been the barbecued meat I had the night before. Either that or the Yogurt Soju. Wasn't a pleasant experience.

I took a train down to Myeong Dong to meet the mother and the sister for some good Chinese food. It was pretty cheap too. We three love Xiao Long Baos TTM.

Everything's pretty Korean though. Minimal vinegar and ginger. (WHAT IS THIS!) And pickles as side dishes. Quite odd, but at the same time, I'm starting to LOVE the yellow pickles.

Headed off to 남대문 (Namdaemun) after brunch. 1) Full of older people. 2) Don't go there unless you want older fashion or crockery/home essentials.

We realised Myeong Dong was really near so we walked back. This is near Shinsaegae.

 AND I FOUND THIS. HELLO 3,500 KRW BUBBLE TEA. That's like about S$4.50. BUT IT WAS WORTH EVERY SIP. The milk tea and pearls taste just like Singapore's! Missed it much.

Brought them all to 이대 (Edae) where I went two days ago. THE SHOPPING IS FABULOUS MAY I ADD. Shopping loot at the end of this entry.

Korean-ised Japanese dinner.

And then our new boots brought us all the way back to Myeong Dong.

I saw the heart-shaped version in We Got Married. It doesn't taste very good though.

Shopping for bears!

And we ate Yogurt Ice Cream on a 5 degrees celsius night. 1,500 KRW for the whole thing. WORTH IT!

Poles set up for the queue that started to form at H&M Crazy much. One guy was there since morning! We recognised him.

Cheese 감밥 (Kimbap) for supper!

Detailed analysis of shopping loot will follow this sentence.

Shopping at Edae isn't THAT cheap I guess. But it's cheap enough. One of the hoodies was 5,000 KRW. The other was 15,000 KRW. The knitwear-like thing at the front was 10,000 KRW. My acid-washed jeggings were 18,000 KRW a piece. My normal coloured step-on leggings were 5,000 KRW. The bags are 10,000 KRW each. Boots were originally 28,000 KRW but it got slashed to 25,000 KRW! :D At the current rate, 10,000 KRW is about S$12. You do the math.

The boots are awesome. I'm wearing them every other day and it's sososo comfortable and easy to walk in. Especially since it's cold. Korean terrain isn't that easy to walk in either. Random holes and dents in the roads. My studded flats I loved so much in Singapore gave way and I had to throw it into the Recycling Bin. T.T

We woke up early Saturday morning to find an even longer queue forming right outside H&M. Crazy people. It was so cold but they waited in the cold anyway. The price you pay for the love of fashion. Either H&M replenishes fast or those people were just going in for a look-see. When we visited the store a day later, everything was still in stock, unlike the time Topshop brought in Christopher Kane for Topshop. Nothing was left!

Expensive porridge.

Cheap drinks while the sister went up to use the toilet.

After we rested in the room for a bit, I thought I'd bring them to 인사동 (Insadong) since the mother had to get souvenirs for those back home.

Pretty, pretty colours. But I'm not a big fan of such knick-knacks. Buy me sweets/chocolates from your respective country of visit.

Art everywhere.

Ssamzegil. Very artsy and full of unique shops.

My eyes are almost slits without eyeliner, thank you.

I have an overenthusiastic mother and a very unenthusiastic sister.

Guy who randomly popped out of nowhere to supposedly propose to his wife-to-be. I'm just guessing this is a pre-wedding stunt he needs to record on video to be played at his eventual wedding.

It says "Hyang Mi, will you marry me?" and then it has the date and time. He asked for everyone's blessings after that by asking us all to form hearts with our hands. It was pretty cute.

More Insadong streets.

Just so you can see how much Korea adores Kim Yuna.

One of the palaces.

I headed back to my place to put down some stuff. A whole load of drama though. I was rushing because I didn't know when the meeting time was and people didn't want to wait. In the end, I spent 12,000 KRW cabbing from Myeong Dong to my place. I headed to 동대문 (Dongdaemun) with some others and we spent time looking for food instead.

Skip to my Sunday! It was the mother's and sister's last day in Korea. I remember feeling pretty sad they were leaving and the mother was more interested in rushing into H&M to see everything than saying bye to me, lol. BUT IT'S OKAY. I've been Skype-ing the family once every week on average and I text the mother every now and then. It's good.

My 49,000 KRW H&M Asymmetrical Dress.

So after free-loading off the mother for lunch, I headed off to meet Group 9 for their City Tour.

청계천 (Cheonggyecheon Stream). Really pretty in photos. But not as nice when I saw it. Maybe because of the season.

Wishes at a temple!

More of them.

경복궁 (Gyeongbokgung Palace). It's near City Hall, if I don't remember wrongly.

My ticket! 3,000 KRW to enter!

Would be prettier in Spring.

People from Group 9 and me the sole Group 8 member who crashed. (:

It rained a little while before we left and it got really cold. We took refuge in the King Sejong Hangul Museum. I am not sure if this is the actual name. But it's near 광화문 (Gwanghwamun) Station. We took a train to some station that I cannot recall now. We walked to a really quaint area with lots of nifty cafes. And I later found out that the name of the place was 삼청동길 (Samcheongdonggil). I would really love to go back, but I can't remember at all how to go there. I just know it's somewhere near the palace, but we took a really long way there instead.

We eventually dined at a Hanok-styled restaurant.

Here it is! It's so cold when you have to take off your shoes before you enter.

There's a meal option for 15,000 KRW which gives you loads of side dishes and nice-tasting-flavoured-rice (I think it was like, dried Oysters?). It was really worth it!

OKAY I'M FINALLY DONE WITH MY FIRST WEEKEND. Now time to blog about the second, third and the upcoming fourth weekend.

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