Birthdays, SNU Buddy Olympics & More! 29 March-3 April 2010

Sorry I am an absolute fail when it comes to titles, but here are my updates from my sixth week here. Time really passes REALLY fast. I think it's because I have so much to do here and too little time.

Updates start from last Tuesday because my Monday was boring beyond boring.

Just to reiterate how my school is SURROUNDED by mountains. Not one. But many. No wonder it gets so cold.

Took all these while walking to Teresa's surprise birthday celebration. Sadly, the birthday girl walked in on us halfway during preparations. All of us had a good laugh about it. (Teresa's from HK and she's super cute! Doesn't look her age!)

Very innovative design. The matchstick is actually long so that you don't burn your fingers. I always end up frying my nail polish whenever I light matchsticks.

The bunch from HK.

Momentous shot of shut eyes. We were both wearing stripes!

Cut cake.



Over the next two days (Wednesday & Thursday), I tried to stay home as much as I could in a bid to catch up with my readings. But to no avail seriously. Don't know why.

I think I have spent one-third of my first month's allocated cash on Hot Chocolate. Everywhere has it cheap and good! 2,000 KRW. (SGD $2.50) And a real life-saver when the cold threatens to freeze me to death.

Chipped nail polish.

Cute fish cake floating in the soup for dinner. PS was mocking me for wanting to take a photo of this. T.T

Cultural session during Korean class which saw us making handicraft. This is a paper pencil case. According to the (scary) Korean handicraft teachers, the box can last 1000 years. Let's see.

Soon enough, Friday came and I brought PS to 남대문 (Namdaemun) because she hasn't been there yet. (I last visited the place in my first week in Seoul here:

The reason I was there. Chopsticks for the mother. It worked in our favour though. A shop was selling decent clothes (not the older types) cheap at 3 pieces for 10,000 KRW (SGD $12). We both got three pieces each.

And then we popped to 명동 (Myeongdong). 4,500 KRW (SGD $5.50) Xiao Long Baos and 3,500 KRW (SGD $4.50) Pearl Milk Tea.

Saturday was SNU Buddy Olympics! Or Sports Day to put it simply. Me being the lazy bugger, signed up only for Dodgeball and Tug-of-War. But in the end I joined in Cock-Fighting (Game is not as dubious as it sounds) and almost joined the Wrestling game. (Girl didn't want to wrestle against me, bet she thought I'd break her bones.)

Long way up!

PS and I love bullying/trolling people. We do it on an almost daily basis.

Victorious moment for our team! We won the relay match!

Rolls and rolls of kimbap. Their definition of 'snack'.

Pretty good day for sitting around.

This is the wrestling game I missed out on.

Of course I can't go against the guys. Look how big and tall they are!

Our team (Black) eventually won the entire game and they gave out tickets to 10 people to go to Jeju. Unfortunately I wasn't lucky enough to get it. But it's okay! We headed out to dinner after that!

And then as all Koreans do, we headed for drinks after the meal. They always must seem to have a second round. Dinner just isn't enough for them.

Fruit salad that we decided to order to accompany the drinks.

The goof balls we sat with because the other tables were full. Yes, tables. That many joined for the after-after-party. Byeong Jun/Paul and Jin Hyung. JH is really fun to troll. PS and I began trolling him 10 minutes within meeting him the other time.

My Etude buys for the week! I love the metallic black shade! Going for gold this week! (:

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