Bits & Pieces of My Week: 5-8 April 2010

This is a really random photo dump post. But here's how my week went!

Package from home! Herbal tea, vitamins and Koko Krunch cereal! Yummy!

Sorry people, my brother is an avid 2NE1 fan boy.

9,000 KRW (SGD $11) Pineapple Fried Rice that barely even filled half of the pineapple.

We caught Clash of the Titans at Cinus SNU. IMO, it was pretty bad and not worth watching in 3D. Watch it on the cheap movie prices day. Ticket prices are about 9000 KRW on average. (SGD $10-ish?)

I interrupt this photo post to bring you a photo of me. In high socks. Love my 2,500 KRW (SGD $3) high socks.

Cheap and good fruits! Apples are always expensive though. I MISS APPLES.

My always-connecting-to-Turkey professor brought us to the museum in school on Thursday.

Chinese sail boats.

Part of my class. My professor is hidden behind girl in pale pink coat.

Grace and PS. Grace is Canadian-Korean and she thinks I look like Mashimaro and she wants to keep me in her pocket, lol.

The field looking more run-able. Will run there SOON.

And then we had evening Korean lessons and I pretty much concussed after that. It was a pretty long week. I had two proposals due and I completed both on time, thankfully.

Nonsan Strawberry Festival and Hongdae Free Market in the next post!

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