Cafe 1010 & Hongdae Free Market: 11 & 12 April 2010

After Myeongdong, the 홍대 (Hongdae) area is probably my next favourite place. 이대 (Edae) is near Hongdae, so l classify them under one location category! Hongdae is full of nifty, quaint cafes waiting to be explored. The last time I visited the Hello Kitty Cafe with Kang. This time I headed to Cafe 1010, a travel-themed cafe, with PS, Kez, Mai and Brianne. If you find this familiar, I later realised this was where 2PM did the photo shoot for the polariod and Kiss mugs. 

They didn't have an English menu (which I totally think they should), and I was lazy to read and decipher all the Korean, so I basically ordered the meal on display, which happened to be the Cafe 1010 Brunch Set, priced at 9,500 KRW (SGD $11.70). I swopped the Coffee for Jasmine tea.

We walked around the area after that.

I want EVERY SHOE on display on the top two racks. SERIOUSLY. Don't they look so summer/Singapore-friendly?

The 노래방 (Noraebang/Singing Room) 2PM went to in the first episode of Wild Bunny. Oh the memories. I visited there later during the week.

We walked towards the playground and to my surprise, the Hongdae Free Market was on!

People queuing to get their 10-second portraits done. Pay 10 KRW and get a portrait. It's slightly over 10 cents.

Got myself a white heart ring for 5,000 KRW (SGD $6.20).

Kez brought us to her the idol merchandise shops she frequents and I got myself a whole load of 2PM stuff. Still contemplating if I should rebuild my DBSG collection here. SHOULD I?

On the way back, PS and I stopped at a roadside stall to have our meal. The ahjusshi there was so nice. He heard us speaking Chinese/English and asked if we were Chinese. We said we were from Singapore and he began talking to us. It was a little hard to understand his Chinese (Yes, he's from China! So many of the stall owners are.) because he's probably from the less-central area of China. He speaks good Korean though. While we were eating, we realised we couldn't finish our food. Which was odd because we only ordered 6 pieces of fried stuff. I later realised he probably gave us more. And when we were finishing our mini-kimbap, he gave us a whole serving of ddeokbokki/rice cakes. And the best thing was, at the end our bill was 3,000 KRW, but he only took 2x1,000 KRW notes from my hand. TOO NICE OF HIM. T.T I left telling him I'll definitely be back.

On our way to Hongdae earlier, we met two nice ahjumma ladies who PS wanted to give her seat to. They told us to sit and that it was okay. Then they started debating on how we didn't look Korean and I told them we're from Singapore. To which, they asked me why I spoke Korean and when did I start learning. And they commented I spoke well and thanked me for learning their language! (SO NICE OF THEM. T.T) And halfway, they even offered us banana-flavoured gum.

I've been so blessed. It's like God put these angels around to help make my days better.

Koko Krunch all the way from home.

Oh right. I headed to church on Sunday. The one I went to the other time, Yeoido Full Gospel Church. I got to hear the founder, Pastor Yonggi Cho speak. The previous time I went, it was one of the other senior pastors. He was good. And the worship definitely needs some time to get used to. It's pretty traditional still, with choirs, soprano singers and organs played at the back.

Naengmyeon/Cold Noodles. Seriously good and cheap. 3,500 KRW. (SGD $4.30)

Homemade dinner!

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