Celebrating Black Day: 14 April 2010

Korea has many special quirky holidays for lovers.

Valentine's Day (14 February): Girls give guys chocolates/candy.
White Day (14 March): Guys supposed to reciprocate by giving the girls chocolates/candy.
Black Day (14 April): Single people who received nothing on Valentine's Day or White Day gather to celebrate single life by eating 짜장면 (Jjajangmyeon/Black Bean Noodles), which I shall abbreviate to JJM, together.

Me being the sad case that I am, was invited to my group's lunch, but we decided to merge with another group that was having JJM.

First thing you gotta do is actually order the JJM. Jin Hyung was tasked with it, but he ended up calling only 30 minutes prior to our meeting time, therefore all of us waited around in the cold for a good 1 hour before the food came.


Unloading the items...

Bernice decided to take on a new part-time job, lol.


And then I went home to slack. Seriously. I only had one lesson for that day. And the next day was supposedly a no-school day for everyone because it was Mid Terms week. One major difference here. We have Recess Week before Mid Terms. Here, it's just a pathetic one day holiday. Yuck. Oh right, they call it Reading Period. And it's actually supposed to be from Thursday - Friday. How gracious. And then it's back to regular school. So in NUS it's 6 weeks of school, break, 7 weeks of school, exams. Here at SNU, 15 weeks of school with barely any break, exams. Hurray.

Hence, us the Chinese-songs-deprived trio decided to have our self-declared break and celebrate that Thursday had no lessons. We headed to Luxury Noraebang at Hongdae where they serve free-flow ice cream and have huge glass windows. This is also where 2PM went to sing in the first episode of Wild Bunny! They used the huge room though. This is one of the smaller rooms.

 And then we decided to have drinks and dinner at this 막걸리 (Makgeolli/Rice Wine) at this restaurant we walked by earlier. IMO, I thought the waiter was pretty cute. But PS and Bernice were very insistent that he was no where near that and that only his side view was passable. T.T Oh and we got carded. HELLO DO WE NOT LOOK LIKE WE'RE ABOVE 19! (The legal age for drinking here is 19.) You mean none of us look 19!?

딸기 막걸리 (Dalgi Makgeolli/Strawberry-flavoured Rice Wine)

해물파전 (Haemul Pajeon/Seafood Pancake)

Signing off with a self-camera (selca, as they call it) shot. SEE MY FRINGE IS REALLY GETTING TOO LONG.

Bye world, I'm off to hit the books. Marketing is awesome! So is New Product Development! YES!

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