Day Trip to Jin Hae (진해): 4 April 2010

10 hours worth of travelling just to feel the Sun and see the cherry blossoms. Oh, and about 58,000 KRW (SGD $71) for the train ride there. Worth it? Pretty much. I just wished we were there a couple days later. I can already imagine how gorgeous the place is now. White/pink-tinged flowers filling the trees, rivers and ground.

Woke up at an unearthly time of 4.30 AM, hit the snooze and only woke up at 5.30 AM to realise that poor Bernice was waiting for me in the cold at the subway station. Rushed out of my house at 5.45 AM and half-died running to the station.

Took the subway to Seoul KTX station and boarded our train which left at 7.07 AM sharp.

Mugunghwa train. The lowest class of trains. KTX is the fastest, but also the priciest. This train wasn't too bad. Even the toilets are better than those you sometimes visit on those tour buses to Malaysia.

Bored because Bernice was sleeping.

Passed by telephone poles...tonnes of them.

Mountains. Also tonnes of them. I can see why hiking is a national pastime.



Ate my 1,500 KRW Cheese Kimbap on the way.

Drank Chilsung Cider which tastes JUST like 7-UP.

First sign that we reached: coloured blooms everywhere.

Welcome to Jinhae! Jinhae is just one town away from Busan. And Busan is at the other end of Korea. So yes, I can proudly say I've travelled across Korea!

Look at how pretty their streets are!

Cherry blossoms EVERYWHERE.

The famed bridge in the Korean drama, Romance. Even though I'm a self-professed drama junkie, I have never heard of nor seen the drama.


This is Joy! She has the same surname as me.


CJ being tourist. Eh, your buttons are asymmetrical!

Stairs leading up to the park.

Pretty colours.

Trying to imagine how pretty they'd look when the flowers bloom.

I didn't find my Cherry Blossom-filled railway tracks, but at least I found this! I LOVE ON AIR!

Trying to recreate the scene.

Myself, Joy, Kate and CJ.

Sadly because the train ride back is long too, we could only spend about 4 hours at Jinhae. It was worth it though.

And may I add, do not be deceived by what I wore. Everyone thought I was crazy. But I just didn't want to be bogged down with lots of clothes. The weather in the morning and evening was so chilly! Thank God I had my scarf with me.

And Thank God the temperature's getting warmer! I LOVE SPRING!

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