Hiking Up Gwanaksan & A Birthday Celebration: 17 April 2010

The last photo basically goes to show that I pretty much made it in one piece to the top. It was a real torture and I never want to do something like that EVER again. When my friends mentioned going to Gwanaksan (632 m), I honestly thought it was going to be just like going up Bukit Timah (163.63 m), just a few rocks and stones in the way, but nothing too strenuous.

What a deception. We must have taken the wrong route (ie. the route only seasoned climbers take) because the ahjummas and ahjusshis were all tsk-ing us along the way and saying how we're wearing the wrong clothes and shoes. Thankfully towards the summit, we met a really nice elderly couple who helped pull us up and even offered us the sweetest apples ever.

The climb, YES CLIMB, was really bad. I really thought that at some point I was going to fall off the mountain. My life didn't quite flash past my eyes, but I really did pray a lot. Thank God He kept me safe. Apparently I think I'm just too much of a city kid. Some of the guys ran up the mountain, or so I heard.

Oh and the most epic part of it all? Whilst walking back to our campus (Yes, the mountain is right behind my campus, I get shivers whenever I see the mountain on the way to school.), I FELL. I was talking to this Australian exchange student and halfway I just tripped and fell because my legs were like jelly after the climb. So epic-ly embarrassing. Nothing happened to me on the mountain but I fell after climbing it.  -.- I amaze myself sometimes.

Right after my fall, we celebrated Say's birthday. Baskin Robbins cake!

And then I was just too tired to move on Sunday, so I spent the entire day home. And that sums up my death-defying weekend.

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