Spring's Here! At Seoul Forest & Yeoido: 16 April 2010

Sorry, Mr. Gingerbread Man.

We decided to head to Seoul Forest (서울숲) one fine Friday to admire the Spring Blossoms and also get a bit of Spring air into our systems. Seeing how the air around our living area is always so polluted and congested.

To get to Seoul Forest, take the train to 뚝섬역 (Ttukseom Station is on Line 2, the Green Line. Remember, it is NOT Ttukseom Resort). There will be signs, so look out for them. It's about a 10 minute walk to the place with several food outlets and snack stalls along the way so you can always stock up on food on the way there if you're there for a picnic.

We sat down like everyone else here, to picnic. Unfortunately, us being the Spring picnic noobs that we are, none of us brought a mat. And we saw bunches of cute kindergarten kids so we tried to play with them. Once again, unfortunately, they were total brats and started called me all sorts of names. One even used an English vulgarity. To which I asked him, "Do you even know the meaning of that?". And they somehow got afraid of me and so I left. Only one girl was sweet enough to still offer me her kimbap roll. But I refused it cos' she had so little. I think she just didn't want to finish her food. 

The two took my camera to camwhore with their spring flowers. LOL.

We rented bikes at the rental kiosk to cover more ground. And to get some exercise in!

Korea is kid's land or something. Kids are always EVERYWHERE.

Really pretty sights along the way.

The bridge we rode through. We didn't ride down because we were lazy to have to peddle/haul our bikes back up.

And then I took a train from the Seoul Forest subway station (whose actual name I am too lazy to bother about), up to Euljiro 1-ga station to head to Myeong Dong with some of us who finished covering the park earlier than the rest. And then after walking around Myeong Dong for a bit, I took a train down to Dangsan. (당산역) To cut things short, I basically covered the entire Green Line/Line 2 on Friday. CRAZINESS.

The three Korean-New Zealanders/Korean-Canadians I was with.

Boring, black hair.


My favourite snack to end of the day. This is the bombsxz. Peanut buttered squid. YUMS. It's 3000 KRW for a pretty filling serving.

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