Strawberries Festival @ Nonsan: 10 April 2010

I remembered seeing photos from Liyana's time in Korea about going to the strawberry festival in Nonsan, so I did some searching, asked my Korean Language teacher about it and eventually gathered enough people to go. The strawberries were SO GOOD & JUICY. DEFINITELY WORTH IT.

Our bus tickets! 13,200 KRW ($16.20) one way. We took the more expensive seats. The cheaper buses came later, and I wanted to get the good strawberries!

Love my new stockings. Candice, this is the one I'm getting for you too.

PS and myself. Gurlfran, you need to get some shades too!

After a very comfortable 2 hours and 10 minutes ride, we reached the above mentioned bus terminal.

I love the town and all the little shops!

After about 15-20 minutes of walking, we spotted flying strawberries!

I have no idea what was Bernice thinking at that point of time. Cute, nonetheless!

Our tickets for taking the bus that brought us to the place to harvest strawberries. 8,000 KRW (SGD $9.80) per person.

Trent wants to eat SH. SH remains unamused.

Cute kid that waved to everyone!

Finally inside the greenhouse! (Wait, is it a greenhouse?)

Strawberry for you?

I was stalking little kids in the greenhouse.

My box of overflowing strawberries. I swear I've never seen strawberries so fresh. Of course, due to my greed, I couldn't close the box.

After munching some on the way back to the festival grounds, I managed to close the box. I must have eaten at least three boxes worth while picking them. You're allowed to eat and pick at the same time. VERY FRESH.

Ugly, deformed mascots were everywhere.

We got bored after a while so we decided to explore the town. We went back to one of the markets we saw earlier. Thing is, while we were walking, I saw THREE stalls selling dog meat. The body was still intact with the skin off, so the legs were sprawled in all directions and the head was laid next to its body. Pretty grossed out. But I learnt they rear a special breed of dogs to eat. But seriously, why? I don't think it tastes very good, from what I heard.

Trent telling PS about some equally gross story.

Dead pig. They display the animal parts next to the head. Don't know why.

Pretty Cherry Blossoms to end off the day. We saw them over a bridge when we were walking back to the bus terminal.

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