Takeaway Food! My boring (Mid-Term) Week 9 in Seoul...

My very pink/purple room. I literally pack myself to a corner of my room and mug.

I NEVER THOUGHT I'D HAVE TO STUDY WHEN I'M ON EXCHANGE. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY I AM STUDYING. I have my secret mugger genes to thank. Every other exchange student I know is still going out for drinks and dinners. And I coop myself up in my shoebox of a room to study. Because I was stuck at home studying for most of the week, I had a lot of take-aways.

I discovered this gem called Hansot. It's basically a Korean food outlet that specialises in lunch boxes. In Korean, it's called Doshirak (도시락). They have SO many types of Doshirak! PS and I were in Doshirak heaven when we saw their variety. And not to mention, we also discovered an outlet outside the main gate of our school!

Chicken Mayo set. 3,500 KRW? Can't remember.

They even pack the sauce nice, nice for you can! So awesome! Makes it SO easy to bring it along for picnics and such cos' you don't have to worry about sauce dripping out of the containers.

The deluxe set. Can't remember the exact name nor the price. About 5,000 KRW?

And when you're stuck in your room studying a lot, you tend to get hungry a lot too. And this chicken brand had some promotion where they were giving away signed Daesung baseballs. (Don't judge me!) So I asked for help from Sylvia to call for Fried Chicken and we shared!

I know, I know, it's printed. But still! Kang Daesung! *holds baseball out proudly*

Okay and once every few days, I will get random 뒤김 (Fried Street Food) cravings, so I'll drag PS down to the street stall near the Subway entrance to buy them whenever Korean class ends at 9.20 PM!

This is how he usually packs them.

Delicious fried food with spicy rice cake sauce!

The stall owner is Chinese, so he's VERY nice to us cos' we speak Chinese too, so once in a while, he gives me free fish cake and soup! This is worth about 2,000 KRW? YUMMY.

And once in a long while, I'll get Cold Stone when it's not too cold!

DON'T WORRY I REALLY DIDN'T GAIN WEIGHT. I climb too many stairs and slopes at the subway stations and in school to gain any. I'm just not losing weight. *cries*