Visiting Deoksugoong! 24 April 2010

I remember that week being the week of endless deadlines and things to study for, hence I only had one outing out that weekend, to 덕수궁 (Deoksugoong). I first saw the palace on my second day in Korea and revisited its surroundings when we went to the Seoul Museum of Art.

I was taking a mock exam near City Hall (Yes, Korea has a City Hall station too!) that day, hence the decision to visit the palace.

How To Get There: Take the Subway to City Hall Station (시청역/Shi Cheong Yeok) on Line 2 (Green) or Line 1 (Blue) and exit via Exit #2. Walk straight out towards Dunkin Donuts. After about 5 minutes or less, you should see the palace on your right. And if you want to go to Seoul Museum of Art, just walk past the palace and turn into the road before Dunkin Donuts.

The palace was a lot smaller then others we've been to, but it was still as intricate. I liked this a lot better than the bigger ones though.

As usual, cute babies were waddling around everywhere.

PS wants to show she's quite tall.

My hair!

My eyes look more crescent-shaped than usual here. o.O

And then we tried to take some shots using the self-timer. We could have asked someone, but I guess I didn't want to bother them, plus talking to people in public in Korean still doesn't sit that well with me.

After so many rounds, these were the better shots. And then our last time, it was epic. Goodness knows what happened to the exposure/ISO settings.

What is she shocked by? Beats me.

Yes I was stalking! I don't deny! Guy kneeling looked so much like MBLAQ Thunder, it was so tempting to just go up to him for a photo. But I didn't. SIGH.

Scary palace guards.

And then we sat down at the City Hall Plaza/Square because the Sun and fields were beckoning us to.

More kids!

And I was pretty sad cos' we didn't have 도시락 (Doshirak/Lunchboxes) to complete our sunny day out.

But we ended it off with Myeong Dong 순두부 (Sundubu/Soft Tofu Stew)! Been ages since my last bowl. I will really miss this when I go back to Singapore. 

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