Bau Haus Dog Café @ Hongdae: 20 May 2010

EDIT (21 July 2012): According to my friend who went to Seoul a month ago, the cafe has since shifted! I don't have the new address yet, but I'll update when I find it!

I know Seoul has tonnes of cat cafés, but dog cafés seem really hard to come by. I chanced upon one, Bau Haus Dog Café ( in Hongdae, while I was surfing the net one fine day and decided to go and see for myself. I met up with Samantha and her friend who were on holiday in Seoul, during their term break from their exchange university in Hong Kong.

Directions! Start off from Luxury Noraebang in Hongdae. (수 노래방) Walk straight past it and cross the intersection. Walk straight and you will see a Joe's Sandwich and Coffee on your right. Turn right after seeing that. The sign for Bau Haus will be on your right in that alley. Go up to the third floor of that building. The sound of dogs barking should tell you where it is.

Probably the friendliest dog there. She stuck to me like GLUE.

When we were there, we were all asked to order a drink each. About 5,000 KRW? Guess it's their form of charging if you want to play with the dogs. There are no human snacks though. There are those you can purchase for the dogs to eat, but once you have them, EVERY dog rushes up to you, minus the lazy ones who would rather sleep.

I tried to take photos of all the dogs there. They have this gianormous Siberian, very pretty, but it was kinda intimidating so I didn't quite dare to go close to it, so no photos!

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