Changdeok Palace Visit: 27 May 2010

I remember skipping school on this day because my buddy, Minsoo, wanted to take us to Changdeokgoong. It wasn’t much of a loss anyway. I skipped business classes because I couldn’t wake up and made my way to Anguk station with Puayshian to meet with the rest who were headed down from school. Here’s us taking a short rest at a really small coffee joint at one of the exits! (Okay, my memory sucks, but thankfully I took a photo, it’s outside Exit #3!)

According to him, Gyeongbokgoong (which I went to in the earlier part of my stay), was abandoned for a long time and only rebuilt in the late 1800s. It was Changdeokgoong where most of the Kings and Queens of Chosun dynasty actually lived. It was also one of his favourite palaces because it showed signs that people did actually live there.

Also, on that day (yes, only on that day – Tuesday), the Secret Garden within the palace would be freely open for people to view. It was prohibited from public entry only till recently so apparently it’s very well-preserved. You can see from the photos how pretty the place is! And the skies were very much in our favour that day!

Us being weird.

Trent had some leftover money from IFF so he decided to treat us all to burgers near our place! It wasn’t too bad! And it was at a nice, quaint little restaurant, but with a very dubious bathroom.

I went home, slept a little and joined my usual girl for a night out at Gangnam.