Dream Concert 2010: 22 May 2010

Attending the Dream Concert was pretty phenomenal. Though I was mad far from the stage, the feeling of being in such a huge stadium, surrounded by so many fans, and hearing so many of the hottest artists of the moment, it was a little too surreal. And considering how we only paid 5000 KRW (S$5.80) each for our tickets, it definitely felt like a dream. I'll post what I remember about the various artistes. This WILL be long.

Davichi: Awesome vocals. I swear my hand had goosebumps at some points. Didn't see a fan club for them, was pretty sad about that.
f(x): Amber was the most popular. I didn't even expect it. Luna was awesome. Not as awe-struck as I was for Davichi, but she was good, nonetheless.
U-KISS: They're not as popular as I hoped. Dongho is still the most popular (as I derived from the Hongdae concert I went to on Monday, which I will blog about another time). Their stage presence is improving. Eli is hot stuff.
ZE:A, F.Cuz & Rainbow: Evidently the least popular. ZE:A had potential, but F.Cuz and Rainbow were just lacking. Didn't help that they didn't have fans screaming for them either. At least ZE:A had a bunch of fans.
SHINee: Jonghyun, Taemin and Key were the most popular. Jjong had a great voice. Taemin wasn't as outstanding as he was the previous time I caught SHINee in Singapore. Key was an ultimate diva. Sassy. They did 'Ring Ding Dong' and  Replay'. I nearly teared, I swear. 'Replay' brings back a lot of memories. The boys have come so far.
MBLAQ: Room for improvement, really. Joon bared his abs, but he seemed a little awkward at some points. The group wasn't very impressive as a whole? Didn't help that they only got to do one song. Was hoping they would have a chance to do 'Yeah', but no such luck.
B2ST: Very popular. Their popularity caught me by surprise. They had great stage presence and they were rocking their red outfits. I'm really looking forward to catching them at Star Concert. I want to see them upclose. I definitely count myself a fan now.
4minute: The girls were awesome. Another group that was VERY popular. Their fans were so supportive. And there was so much B2ST-4minute support/loving going on. Very heart-warming. I've been with them since their 'Hot Issue' days, through their Muzik ones and now I'm loving the new single. Their collaboration item with B2ST was hot and I loved how they screwed it up the first time so we actually got to see it all over again. And I loved it when they did a medley of 'Hot Issue' and 'Muzik' right after 'Huh'. Nothing short of awesome. Once again, can't wait to see them at Star Concert.
T-ara: Was really hoping they'd perform their newer songs, but no such luck. They did their World Cup song and Bo Peep, so they turned out looking more cutesy than sexy. I really wanted to see Jiyeon and Hyomin strutting their stuff. Maybe next time. I have a month to go. Let's hope they have a performance somewhere.
2PM: I thought they were normal? Not completely mind-blowing or anything. But Jun Ho was hot stuff. Nickhun had the most shouts, as I predicted. Maknae, Junho and Junsu had the least amount of love. Why!? Junho and Maknae were sizzling hot. And Junho's vocals ARE good. There were non-2PM fans that were shouting "Park Jae Bum" throughout both of 2PM's performance. At first I was thinking of joining in, but then I felt it was plain rude. I mean, sure I want Jay back, but the kid's doing just fine on his own. And 2PM was really trying very hard, and these 'fans' were paying attention at all. Taec did the whole 'And we're NEVER GOING DOWN!' with so much angst, I suspect some of it might have been directed to these detractors.
´╗┐After School: VERY HOT. Was a little sad they didn't do the drumming introduction, but they rocked the stage. Vocals and their dancing awed me the most.
KARA: 'Lupin' was great. And they did the World Cup song too. Was hoping for Mister, but apparently not.
Wonder Girls: It felt SO great to see the girls back! The fans were supportive of the new addition too. And I really think she does so much better than Sohee. They did a medley after 2DT and they started off with 'Tell Me' and the crowd went WILD. And then they did 'So Hot' and finished off with 'Nobody'. Felt it was a good move to put 'Tell Me' first especially since it was the song that rocketed them to fame in Korea in the first place.
Rain: Very charismatic. He really revved the crowd up. And everyone was equally excited by his performance. 'Hip Song' really revved everyone up. And he definitely didn't disappoint with his slick moves.
SNSD: Normal to me? I mean, I think there were just too many of them, I couldn't really concentrate. It's just me. I remember being pretty impressed with Taeyeon, but that's about it. But they were good with their dance breaks before and in-between the performance. I loved their costume. Very classy.
Lee Hyori: BANGING. This chick was rocking the place. And when she did her intro track with After School's Bekkah and 4minute's Jiyoon, she was really nice about it and made sure the girls got enough credit. She totally rocked 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' and the whole crowd sang along with her. She was really hot too. Her abs were clearly visible even though we were miles away. THAT hot.
Super Junior: Management kept them till the end to keep the biggest fan base there, the ELFs. Honestly, I think it's just me, but I wasn't too impressed either. Some key people I watched out for were Yesung, Donghae and Heechul and they all did impress me, but I didn't quite bother looking out for the rest.

The hosting was alright. Taecyeon was pretty awkward and poor Heechul had to guide his co-hosts along a lot. Shin Sekyung wasn't doing a good job at all. She wasn't revving up the crowd and she didn't seem too into hosting. Heechul was great with his distractions when the artists took too long to get ready, his dances were epic!

The fans in general were passionate and united. What caught me by surprise the most was the Cassiopeians. They were there, despite DBSG not being there. They were supportive and cheered for everyone while cheering on for DBSG that wasn't there. It was pretty heart-warming to see that, being a long-time DBSG fan myself. (Fell out of fandom for a while already though, but that's not the point.)

TThe aftermath was NUTS. I'm assuming the little girls had curfews, but they wanted to see their Super Junior Oppas perform till the very end, so when the concert ended, they rushed into the trains screaming and pushing everyone like no tomorrow. They were running like mad in the train station and going up on escalators that were coming down. Whatever for, I really don't know. They looked like total idiots. One girl even fell and it was fortunate that she got up in time because if she didn't she might have caused a stampede down the escalator. And when the train jerked, they screamed. When the train came to the station, they rushed out/in without letting other passengers go first. I felt SO bad for the general public. No one should have to deal with their immaturity like that.

And to make matters worse, we missed the last train back, so we had to cab and no cab was willing to take us because they said our place was too near so it wasn't profitable for them. How annoying.

Nonetheless, it was a pretty good experience. Oh did I mention it was raining THROUGHOUT the concert? We were cold and hungry. But we ended everything off with a satisfying meal at KFC and reminisced about the interesting bits. I don't think I'll go for anything on such a big scale in the near future.

I'm hoping Star Concert would be a lot better!´╗┐ It got cancelled! T.T

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