International Food Festival: 12 May 2010

We deliberated for several days if we should set up a Singapore booth. But things such as ingredients and resources kinda deterred us from it. Fortunately, my aspiring chef friend, Trent decided to make H.K. Toast for everyone! It was SO yummy. And us Singaporeans helped out the HK-ers! I’m actually glad the bunch of us Singaporeans is small so we don’t mingle within ourselves that much, but also mingle with others!

We also celebrated birthdays! Sun's and Thomas's if I didn't remember wrongly.

Sometime during the course of events, my leader invited us for food and drinks. By drinks, he meant Makkeoli. Yes, Makkeoli in the middle of the school day. Needless to say, everyone else around us was indulging in such merry behaviour too. I saw a few girls stumbling in and out of the corridors held by their guy friends, possibly intoxicated by beer/Soju or Makkeoli.

See how red his face became! He had class right after this!

And there was a little bar by the side, so I got to order Baileys with Milk! (As if Baileys isn't milky enough.) But it was SO good to drink Baileys after two months of drinking only three types of alcohol (ie. beer, Soju or Makkeoli). I couldn't remember how much it was though.

But it was such an eye-opener, drinking in broad daylight on a school day, right in front of the school's Administration building!

After all that drinking, I scurried to Cafe MoArt, at the Museum of Art right in SNU, to study for my last Korean test the next day. I think Cafe MoArt has the most potent coffee I've ever tasted in Seoul. One thing about the Starbucks in Korea, it lacks the caffeine kick?

I had the Cafe all to myself all afternoon!

공부공부공부! ㅠ.ㅠ

Pink nails. Got the colour from Missha at 6,000 KRW.

Oh, and after my test (Thursday) ended about 9pm and I rushed down to the main area behind the Administration building. Tiger JK was there! It was pretty cool. But while other schools like Yonsei get B2ST and 4minute going to their school, we get only one artiste. (Apparently Wonder Girls came three years back but caused such a stir, that's why we don't get big acts in SNU.) And I'm going to Korea University's school festival, IPSILENTI, in two weeks, so yay, it's not going to be that boring after all!

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