Jeju Trip! Day 1: 30 April 2010

Non-stop assignments, projects, tests and essays during the week. Then Korean class on Thursday evening, packed from Thursday evening till Friday morning. And up, up and away on Friday afternoon.

Where else?

My Dae! & Rina, if you're reading this, I took this photo for you!

SS501 on the right. This is the domestic terminal for Gimpo Airport.

Many, many rice cakes at Bizeun.

화전 or Flower Pancake! I've always wanted to try this! Very nice! Just that the stupid salesgirl threw it into the bag and the sweet syrup sloshed out.

Proof that we landed!

On the long cab ride to the Teddy Bear Museum. The Teddy Bear Museum is at Segwipo City, which is South of Jeju. Our place was in Jeju City, North of Jeju. Paid about 24,000 KRW in total, one-way.

I met the nicest cab driver in Jeju/my whole trip here. He spoke simply in Korean so that I could understand and we had very enjoyable conversations to and fro the Teddy Bear Museum and back to our motel. I spoke for 20-30 minutes in plain Korean, okay. What a feat. He even recommended us things to eat and do. And he taught me the Jeju dialect, of which I have completely forgotten.

Candice, for you.

I love Carebears!

Famous shot.

What I went to the museum for. Pity the Alfred bear was so expensive.

Lotteria is bad. I repeat, Lotteria is bad. They have bad burgers, bad fries, bad staff and even bad 팥방수 (Red Bean Shaved Ice).

We wanted a bear hug!

Seriously hungry.

We hijacked his fishing trip.

Sorry, he's a bit crazy.

Then again, so am I.

There! A normal, photoshoot-like shot.

We cabbed to Jeju Loveland next. This was about 5 minutes from our place. It's full of sex-themed statues and artwork. They even have a sex toy museum, with tonnes of sex toys. The park is open only to those 18 and above. But trust me, I saw many kids in there. Seriously, those parents. Wait till your kids are 16 at least!

Giggly ahjummas who got excited at everything. And you would think that at their age, they've already seen everything.

What do you see?

Nude statues were everywhere. I didn't really want to kiss this one, but she lured me with her nudity.

Pretty sunset whilst strolling in the park.

Trent was probably wishing he could take part in the action.

We had 라면 (Ramen) that night in a bid to save money. Unfortunately my Ramen tasted really bad. I remember going to bed really hungry that night. ):

We checked into our Motel room which seemed more like a boutique hotel, complete with our own television, fridge and computer. HOW AWESOME. And our washroom was well-stocked and huge. About twice the size of my current room. We paid 70,000 KRW a night for a double-bed room. Pretty worth it when we split the price.

Address: 제주특별자치도 제주 연동 282-19  (282-19 Yeon-dong, Jeju-city)
Telephone Number: 064-745-3318

Signing off! (:

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