Jeju Trip! Day 2: 1 May 2010

On the bus there. We were so excited by all the coastal area that surrounded us. Caused by being stuck for 2 months in land-locked Seoul. No, the Hangang River does not count.

Our first stop was Hallim Park (트로피칼월드 한림공원)! There were a couple of different themes within the park. A really big place. We kinda had to run to the bus after sight-seeing because we were pretty late.

This means, "Don't Touch!" (Manji Jimaseyo) in Korean. 만지다 = To touch. -지 마세요 = Don't. Which is why you always hear "가지마세요!" (Ka Jimaseyo) in Korean dramas. It means, "Don't go!". *cue dramatic music*

My favourite part of the whole park. The caves were awesome. Last time I went into a cave was probably when I went to Australia when I was five. There's something about caves that amazes me to no end...

*pats camera* I fiddled with the settings and managed to get relatively good shots despite the cave being pretty dark.

We walked a little and came to a little Korean Folk Village within the park.

Hard at work.

I fail. My legs were too short I couldn't straddle the horse like Trent did.

Tangerine juice. Very fail. Tangerines are nice. Tangerine juice is very bad. Think cos' they put the peels in too. Mad bitter.

Next stop was O'Sulloc Tea Museum (오설록). You can read more at their website here: Loved the vast open Green Tea field.

LUNCH! No meat except for the pathetic shard of crabmeat. T.T

After lunch we headed to Jusangjeoli Rocks. The sight was pretty spectacular.

Trent always has this smirk.

Pretty, clear blue waters.

Wind-whipped hair.

See what I mean! So gorgeous.

And then we sped down to Yakcheonsa (약천사), the largest Buddhist building in Asia. Not my religion, but the temple was quite a sight. (

More bus trips and loads of napping. The tour guide kept asking why we were so tired, but we were just making efficient use of our time. Next stop was OeDolGae (외돌개), a coastal cliff rock. Nothing much, in my opinion.

PS, you look nice here!

We took a little road off the beaten track and reached this area. Felt like cliff-diving there and then! Lol.

I take such profile-worthy shots of people. If I had a dollar for every time someone used my photos as a profile shot, I'd have a few tens of dollars by now. No kidding. Okay I think I just capture moments at the right time. I could really use a more decent camera though. Photoshop helps, but there's nothing like a camera that requires minimal photo shopping.

Our last tour stop for the day: Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls (천제연폭포/Cheonjeyeon Pokpo). You can read more here: HERE! Honestly, I thought it was GORGEOUS. But we were kinda far off.


And then we parted ways with our tour guide and he dropped us off at this area called Yongdaum? We walked and walked till we found this pretty valley. Looks like it came right out of a historical drama.

Lol, Trent and his bright green bag.

We walked for a bit more and came across a restaurant that had a seemingly good deal for Raw Fish. They don't call it Sashimi here though. It's called 회 or Hway. (Yes, pronounced like Tau Hway.) We paid 50,000 KRW (S$58) for the whole meal.

Big, big plate of quality raw fish which I devoured. We ate it the Korean-style. Wrapped it in lettuce leaves with red pepper paste. Interesting new way of eating raw fish. The rest weren't too big fans of raw fish. Me, on the other hand...

And we managed to catch a glimpse of sunset on our way out.

Signing off!

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