Jeju Trip! Day 3&4: 2-3 May 2010

Climb, climb, climb...

 For this. Essentially it's a crater. But, what a damper! I didn't know craters could be so boring. This place is called Seongsan Ilchubong/Sunrise Peak. (성산일출봉) It's a Unesco World Heritage Site.

The view facing away the crater was a lot more beautiful.

Cute baby girl. Her name was Yu Jin, if I didn't remember wrongly.

Famous lady divers of Jeju. Some of them are already pretty old, but still doing this for a living! And I heard they can hold their breaths for really long underwater!

Customary group shot!

Next, we took the bus, stopped at this car park and were sent walking. Where were we walking to? Do you see it?

Seopjikoji! (섭지코지) If you find it familiar, this is where All In was filmed.

The chapel inside! A lot of people have held their weddings here!

Raw fish bibimbap! Really interesting and nice! Totally craving for it now!

We took the bus yet again to a place called Manjanggul (만장굴). Apparently it's the world's longest lava cave at 1 kilometre long. We spent more than an hour walking to and fro. Road was rocky, cool and wet. But I liked it. It's amazing how cold it is below the surface but so hot upstairs. I forgot to wear my jacket down. ):

A naturalrock in the shape of Jeju island. The middle is Hallasan and the small peak at the side is the Sunrise Peak I went to in the morning. MAD COOL.

More bus-ing to a place called Art Land which was mad boring and had a museum with olden, erotic paintings. The Jeju Loveland was classy, this was just, gross. There were tonnes of Bonsai plants which we didn't really bother about either, so I got myself Calabee chips and we headed back into the bus to snooze.

We went to Jeongbang Waterfall (정방폭포) for our final stop. Loved it. Love how close I could get to the waterfall. I didn't dare to venture onto the rocks at the side though cos' my shoes weren't too good for climbing.

My friends doing the movie poster shoot some Turn Left, Turn Right movie?!

Ladies selling seafood on the rocks. Looks fun to eat it on the rocks like that. Should try it next time when I'm less broke.

And with that, we went back to our Motel, ordered Jajangmyun, slept early and went back to Seoul the next morning. We reached Seoul at 8.30 AM and we had a presentation at 11 AM. If this were back in Singapore, I don't even think I'll be so hard-working. Seriously.

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