Korea University School Festival - Ipsilenti: 28 May 2010

The sea of red! And everyone held pink plastic bags in the air!

Everyone's darling, IU!

So it started the week before when I was supposed to go out for a lunch/dinner with some Korea University students who had been to Singapore the previous semester. However, because they were crazily busy, Sean invited me over to KU instead, for their school festival called Ipsilenti. He even said I could bring along a friend! So I brought PS along.

And KU being Kang’s home ground, I met up with her after ages of not seeing her! (Okay, I saw her, but our outings were always so short! I blame it on SNU and KU being so far from each other!)

The performer’s list was: IU, Onew and his Brothers were Brave cast, Kim Jang Hoon, f(x) and Crying Nut. Kim Jang Hoon is crazily popular in Korea (but not known to the international fan circuit) and everyone knew his songs!

Shin Dong Yup, Onew, Yoon Jong Shin. IDK the rest!

Kang and Cheryl Li were with us and we wanted to try and sneak our way to the stage. Whilst doing so, we got interrupted by tonnes of people trying to squeeze us to death, and this girl who wouldn’t stop waving her hand (that looked like a bear paw, honestly) around.

Hi Krystal, you are too skinny. T.T

Victoria waving to the crowd!

We made it out alive though, and settled for a supper of Hite beer and Fried Chicken – 파닦 at Anam after that. And because us SNU girls lived so far from Anam, we had to rush home so that we wouldn’t miss the last train.

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