Maeil Coffee Free Concert @ Hongdae: 17 May 2010

Joy messaged me about the concert earlier on in the day and asked if I wanted to go. PS and I ended class about 5-ish. THANK GOODNESS Korean classes ended. So we went down to Hongdae at about 7-8-ish after having something to eat at home. I went there on the pretext that 2PM would be performing. (Unfortunately they weren't in the performing list.)

Raining really heavily!

And I didn’t know where or what it was going to be about. So we had to walk around quite a bit to look for the place because I had never been to Hongik University. BUT the stage was pretty obvious. Everyone wasn’t going down though, so we just walked straight into the venue.

Luckily it turned out to be a free-for-all concert with free coffee provided. We sat towards the right of the stage next to some very crazy ZE:A fangirls. They were so anxious about catching their Oppas as they exited the car that we offered to switch places with them so that they could be closer to the side.

We later got to know two Seo Inguk fangirls who tried to speak English with us and were amazed that I spoke Korean, but were eager to still speak English nonetheless. They kept cheering for their Oppa, it was so amusing. And they didn’t know any of the other artistes there.

Epik High




For the record, the only ones there I could remember were Epik High, Secret, Seo Inguk, ZE:A and U-KISS. Everyone else… I didn’t know who they were. But Epik High made it all worth it. It was my second time watching both Tablo and Mithra perform Run since the Youtube concert.

Fireworks to end the evening!

It ended close to 11 and by the time we got out it was nearing 12-ish. We grabbed some street snacks as it drizzled and got home before the last train thankfully.

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