Namsan Hanok Village: 8 May 2010

This is a Hanok. Palaces, villages and the older parts of Korea are full of Hanoks. They have this charm to it. Admittedly, I did get bored of them after a while. (But in retrospect, editing this about 3 months later in October, I have to say, I really miss them Hanoks!)

Woke up really late and rushed down to meet the rest at Namsan for a tour of the Namsan Hanok Village (남산골한옥마을) by my Korean Language & Culture professor. He’s pretty interesting but has a prehistoric way of teaching via Microsoft Word. Bores us all to death. Interestingly, one of the Hanoks was built based on a Hanok his family used to own. When he told the staff this, she was so excited, it kinda made all of us LOL a little.

Pretty Grace!

I think I had a bit too much make up that day... :X

I think the retro storekeeper was kinda cute! NO BUT THAT IS NOT THE PURPOSE OF THIS SHOT I SWER.

You can actually buy them. I think the replenish it once in a while.

I walked over to Myeong Dong from Namsan after that and met up with a friend for Iron Man 2 and drinks. Myeong Dong on Saturday nights are almost impossible to walk through. Thankfully I had my friend, else I’d probably have gotten lost in the sea of people. The movie wasn’t too bad, but the drinks after was a bad choice cos’ I barely ate dinner. So I got tipsy quite soon. I was home late, but cabbed home, so I reached home safely in one piece. (:

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