Senghwa's Birthday: 24 May 2010

Our language classes had ended (YAY!) so we were all very, very unusually free on a Monday evening. And it also happened to be SH’s birthday, so we decided to all meet for dinner. Someone in our group had received a flyer regarding a new 고기집 (Gogi Jib/Barbequed Meat Place) in our vicinity so we decided to go check it out. Even though it was already late May, that day was pretty rainy and cold!

The owners of the eating place were so pleased to see us with the flyer that they gave us ‘service’ in the form of free coke! (Cola in Korean terms.) And Bernice introduced us to her favourite style of drinking beer, mixing it with coke.

Love Korean candles! The ones we use locally are so short they die out so quickly.

Of course, no birthday celebrations are complete without birthday cakes. We headed to Baskin Robbins and bought him a pretty Green Tea cake. Even though it was cold outside, we devoured it within minutes. Even though I’m not a very big Green Tea fan, but it was nice! And I bought myself an ice cream cake too! I remember Senghwa being very touched we actually remembered and celebrated his birthday. It's moments like these that made me really thankful I had a bunch of pretty awesome Seoulmates during my time in SNU. :D

The poor half-eaten ice cream cake!