Spicy Food & 쿨피스: 10 May 2010

Sarah Cheng came all the way to Korea for a holiday after her term (SO LUCKY. I haven't even ended my term.) and I met up with her, along with her two friends and Min Seok, a Korean exchange student who I got to know before I came to Korea. He brought us to this place at a corner of one of the Edae lanes. Omg, it's SO yummy. Absolutely comparable to Crazy Ddeok, maybe even better. And when you have such spicy stuff, it's always good to have a nice drink and they always serve this drink called 쿨피스. (Kul Piseu or literally it sounds like Cool Piece?) 

It's SO nice. I always buy it at GS25 cos' it's always on sale, and I drank it for like, two months without realising what it's called, until Min Seok asked me if I knew what 쿨피스 was and I said no, and he ordered it, and he was like, this is it! Major LOL moment.

If I'm not wrong, it is yogurt-based, cos' it feels a little milky. It comes in Peach, Plum and Pineapple. I don't take Pineapple, but I LOVE the Peach and Plum ones!

We went walking by the Cheonggyecheon after dinner because it was Budhha's birthday the coming weekend and we were told to expect the stream to be decorated. And yes it was! It was definitely a lot prettier than the other time I came at the end of February when it was so cold.

Almost everyone there were couples and us four girls were lamenting about how we only had Min Seok, our 'tour guide' with us. Hehe.

It was a cool night and I was dressed in a dress, leggings, boots and my new draped jacket and Sarah kept going on about how cold it was and how accustomed I was to the temperature. I guess I have grown used to the cold! I really don't know how I'm gonna survive the hot, hot weather in Singapore when I'm back! But that's like, 2 more months! I have Summer to adjust!

International Food Festival (IFF) is going to be held in school on Wednesday and us Singaporeans have no idea on what to prepare! I don't think we're going to have a booth! I miss Singaporean food. T.T