Suwon Hwaseong Fortress: 9 May 2010

I had to get up early to meet Seol 언니 who offered to take us around her hometown, Suwon. If you remember, I had been to Suwon on Friday for Everland. And now we were back for Hwaseong Fortress! We met at Sadang Station. PS and I got Issac Toast, (October edit: Which I now miss dearly!) whilst waiting for SH. We’re always having to wait around. I feel so bad for the early ones. I was never this late in Singapore!

The guy really getting into character, lol.

Hwaseong was slightly different from the other palaces we had been to as it was a lot bigger. And we were lucky also because there was a live procession that takes place only four times a year. HOW LUCKY. We caught everything and even had an upclose encounter with the ‘royalty’!

Have you met royalty in Korea while on your holiday? Hehe.

We also had a short tea session where all of us paid 2,000 KRW (I can’t remember once again.) for some tea and snacks.

This is a rice chest if I'm not wrong. One of the olden King's sons were made to die in one of these. We seriously contemplated closing the lid on SH, but it was too heavy. 

We wanted to take the Dragon Train, but the timings were severely inconvenient and I think some of us were sick of waiting around, so we walked to the last location for the day – the archery shooting grounds.


I got to try traditional archery. And I sucked so bad at it. My arrows went straight…and into the ground. I had to run around the field in my short floral dress picking up the arrows after that. Pretty embarrassing.

Suwon's speciality 갈비/Ribs for dinner!

맛있징? ^^

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