Time Out & Everland Day Trip: 5-7 May 2010

So the trip to Everland on 7 May (Friday) was pretty impromptu considering how we had shifted the date around quite abit. It Children's Day on 6 May (Thursday) and I headed to Bupyeong to shop with PS. And the day before that, I was out late at Gangnam and Apgujeong, so I was pretty conked out.

We went to Time Out, Yoo Chun's gelato shop at Apgujeong (압구정) on 5 May (Wednesday), since it was a holiday the next day, so we were prepared to stay the night out. I kinda forgot the directions there... [/fail] But the gelato there was SO GOOD. And apparently his mother was there, but I'm not a Yoo Chun fan, so I skipped the photo opportunity.

Despite the almost-dead state I was in from spending Wednesday and Thursday out, I’m glad to have made the trip. Everland was awesome and I think I can say that I like it more than Lotte World. Most Koreans would say Lotte World is better, but I realised most foreigners tend to prefer Everland. I wonder why.

We met Rhyan, Abby and SH at Gangnam to take a bus to Suwon. We were kinda late and I felt really bad because it seemed to put Abby in a bad mood. But I think the rides cheered her up a bit later on.

Tickets are really expensive. If you have a bank account/credit card, I think you can get half the price off, with certain banks. Also, remember to check Everland’s website as they tend to have foreigner discounts pretty often.

The Everland staff have this cute hand action thing they do, we mimicked them so much.

I loved the Viking, Flume and Roller Coaster ride.

The guys all drenched after the Flume ride! We queued almost 2 hours for it. MAJOR DAMPER, LITERALLY.

And then we saw kids playing!

I found a little butterfly flying about! SO CUTE.

And they have Holland Village in Korea too! (We have one in Singapore too!)

Gorgeous Spring colours and the giagantic T-Express in the background.

We took a photo! But the guy...kinda...left too much space on the top.

We walked past a show procession, but I didn't quite get it and we didn't want to spend more time waiting around. Basically things started popping out of the flowers.

We walked around for a bit before we decided to queue again! For this:

Scary much!? Okay not really. But this was the FIRST time I ever sat a roller coaster that went around 360 degrees. We were clinging onto our bags with our legs for dear life, praying hard our bags wouldn't drop out of the compartment in front. (They don't keep your bags for you.) We went back later in the evening again!

This is a chair lift that kinda cuts short your walking in the park. There's the scary T-Express in the background. We took the chair lift to and fro while waiting for the guys to finish their roller coaster ride.

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough guts to take the T-Express which apparently was a big pity according to those who have taken it. But I think I’d rather be alive than die trying.

We stayed till it was dark!

Poor PS got so dizzy from the spinning rides! I felt so bad for making her take some of the spinning rides with me. BUT I MYSELF NEARLY DIED ON THE BUS RIDE BACK. I'm not even kidding. I was SO QUEASY. And we didn't have seats throughout. I felt like I was going to hurl on the guy in front of me. Lol.

We ended up back in Gangnam and we settled for this fried rice thing. I can’t remember the name…닦갈비? Good stuff that was cheap and filling!

We were supposed to go for Red Mango, but I can’t remember why we didn’t…

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