Arirang M-Wave Recording: 15 June 2010

I was thinking about going to Arirang's M-Wave for a while, but didn't really feel the motivation to because the guest lists weren't too appealing, to me at least. But thank goodness I checked Infinite's schedule two days ago and realised that they will be appearing on M-Wave. (Even the M-Wave site wasn't updated with their names.)

Arirang's M-Wave ( is a music show that airs on Arirang. It is mainly for foreigners, so their site has instructions in English about filming sessions so that foreign fans can pop by. They usually film at Konkuk University, which is near where Kez lives, so I asked if she wanted to go with me. We walked for about 10-15 minutes before we found out where the place was. Millennium Hall or something like that. There was a big Arirang truck parked outside, so it was pretty obvious.

Kez and myself waited pretty long outside. Contrary to our belief, just because it's Arirang doesn't mean the staff speak English. Barely anyone did, so we didn't quite know where to queue. But I tried with the Korean I knew and we got thrown into the 'everyone' queue.

The fanbase that day was pretty small. About 20-30 high school girls? I didn't queue with them because someone said you need to be a member of the fanclub to queue with them. We were pretty glad we didn't queue with the girls cos' I got seats right in the middle four rows from the front. And the seats right below the stage so I could see the boys really clearly.

Because the artists came on stage without any introduction, I didn't know it was them initially, but when they filed into the stage area one by one, I couldn't take my eyes off them.

Kez knew Infinite, but she didn't know who was who, so I had to introduce them to her while they were performing. And I didn't want to take a video because it would be up on Arirang soon anyways. But photos were so hard because the camera was right behind me and I didn't want to disrupt their filming, plus there was this lady in suit that was pretty intimidating and warned everyone not to talk photos.

Leader was the most smiley, as usual. When I went earlier today, I still had some problems with names, so I wasn't able to remember who was who, except for Hoya, Myungsoo, Sunggyu and Dongwoo. As in I recognised their faces, but that was about it.

At the start, they took pretty long to get ready so they just stood there looking all cool. Kez and I kept shouting "Hoya!", I swear like, five times. But he was very cool about it and didn't really do much fan service. Too nervous, I think!

Sunggyu is so fan-friendly and he waved as he was going off the stage after everything. Myungsoo is honestly very good-looking in person. Very cool, as he usually is. I couldn't stop staring. Dongwoo, despite being my non-bias for the moment, was really fierce with his gaze when he rapped. Kenyan! Lol.

Sorry for my limited commentary on each member. But they didn't have much audience interaction so it was hard to gauge.

I know this sounds quite funny, but for the whole performance, I didn't know where to look, because everyone looked so good! Black and white outfits. The lighting, the dancing, their presence. It was definitely there. I have seen other newbie groups (ZE:A, F.Cuz) perform LIVE before, but Infinite really impressed me with their stage presence despite being so new. They're like what, less than 10 days old? It's so amazing. The choreography looks very sleek live. And they sang live too.

But that said, I'm really glad I got to catch the boys live before I leave for Korea (in about three weeks). I will definitely try to see if I can attend more events if I still can.


I also got to see a whole bunch of other stars live. Memorable ones included the MCs Thunder and Krystal, Park Chung Lim, Davichi (OH GOSH THEY ARE SO GOOD LIVE!) and a group called December who had a member that smiled and waved to Kez.

I will try to attend next week's as well as the week after's! The concert hall is so comfortable to be in, and it's pretty awesome to be in a live recording!

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