Coffee Prince Cafe & 2PM It's Skin Fansign: 19 June 2010

Like I mentioned in my entry on Monday, me being the no-lifer that I am, I visited the second Coffee Prince cafe at Hongdae on Saturday, the one that is more accessible and easier to find. Getting there is easy. Just walk down the parking lot street, it is on the inside of the second alley on the left. (Photos under the cut.) I don't really remember why we decided to go, maybe it was because we wanted to see if there were cute guys working there. On another note, my friend Bernice says that there are cute baristas at a cafe down the road, I can't remember the name...Coffee Dreams? Something along those lines.

Got this off Local Daum. The parking lot street.

Also from Local Daum. It is just up the way the man is walking. The pink building. This is the second alley on the left of the parking street.

My fail shot of the interior. There were two levels, like the first shop. We were allowed to go to the second floor! Unlike the first shop...

Plain water cos' we didn't want coffee as we were having waffles with ice cream. I don't know why I don't have photos of the waffles... ): My lousy but trusty Korean phone and my T-money charm!

Random coffee sacks that have fake coffee beans in them.

Really interesting wall mural. The barista offered to help us take a photo of us and this as the backdrop but we were too shy.

PS and I walked around the Hongdae Free Market, but I didn't buy anything much. Neither did I take photos. I was too busy taking in the sights and sounds as it was my last two weeks there. Plus it was a real squeeze. Some photos from my previous trip to the Hongdae Free Market can be found HERE. The Free Market is open on Saturdays subject to weather conditions and as far as I know, it is not open during Winter.

We waited around for Bernice before we went shopping at Namdaemun and Myeongdong.

Me forcing them to eat Nolbu Budaechiggae for dinner. :D

So after the dinner, I remembered that 2PM would be having a fan-signing at It's Skin. (I had visited It's Skin earlier that week and it was on the notices and stuff. Plus my friend had blogged about it.) We were walking down one of the alleys in Myeongdong when I heard several Ahjusshis talking about the crowd forming. So I suggested to Bernice and PS that we go take a look... BAD MOVE.

This is how crowded it got.

Crowd control was bad cos' there was really no way of controlling the human traffic. We moved with the fans and got swayed back and forth. My SPAO paper bag got crushed beyond recognition and all I got to see was Nickhun's face for about 2 seconds. Getting out was a real torture. I was basically shouting and asking people to let us pass and not push us, but no one was heeding. Bernice was like, "Cool down!". On hindsight, a lot of people had just stopped to look, like us. Not all were 2PM fans because I heard lots of "Who is it?" when I was squashed in the crowd. I have a video of chaos, but I don't really think it's worth uploading because I didn't get to capture any member on my camera at all. Oh well!

We somehow ended up towards Namdaemun again, I think it was to buy something that I had forgotten. But some of the shops were closed. The tents along the Namdaemun stretch sell loads of good food. These tents are known as Pojangmacha (포장마차). It's a very Korean experience to eat at one of these and I really regret not having tried eating from one of these. By the time we got there, we already had dinner, so we settled for fruits from one of the tents. Photos of us munching on fruits at Namdaemun are all taken by Bernice! (Which is why you don't see her, but you see her watermelon slice!)

Look at the Ahjusshi behind staring at us.

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