Davichi's Fan Signing @ Synara Records Incheon: 6 June 2010

Joy, my friend from SMU who studies at Inha University knew I was a fan of Davichi and she knew I liked going for stuff like signings, concerts, what nots, so she asked me if I wanted to go down to Incheon for Davichi’s fan signing. Of course I agreed! Davichi may not be one of the most popular groups around, but they are very talented and pretty girls and I was so looking forward to meeting them.

Joy was quick in getting us the albums and we were among the first 10 in the queue. We got in line an hour before the signing and waited for the Davichi girls to come.

One thing I love about Korean fan signings is that the celebrities ask for your name and patiently write it down. In Singapore, it’s no names and you get pushed if you take too long with the celebrity.

Minkyung, the skinnier, fairer one, took a long time to get my name down. I had to spell it for her.

When I came to Haeri Unni, she was at all smiles! Joy and SY finished signing theirs so they asked me to ask her if we could get a photo from her. So I did, and she looked like she was about to agree, then she turned to her manager, but manager said no, so she looked at us apologetically. But she was very sweet about it and I said, you have to take a photo with us when you come to Singapore! To which she smiled and said okay!

Joy and SY went down to Insadong to join some of their friends, but sadly, I had tonnes of work, so I went home. ):

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