First Shop of Coffee Prince: 14 June 2010

Got bored of studying and got CJ to check out the Coffee Prince Cafe with me. There are two in Hongdae by the way. I went to the other one on Saturday. Damn boring life, I know.

Love my trust ole 10,000 KRW backpack. Weathered rain, wind and sun with me, lol.

Coffee is expensive and they don't really have snacks. The other one has more snacks and has cheaper coffee.

Tonnes of Japanese/Taiwanese/Chinese tourist. Lady here is just one of the many.

Famous Sunflower wall. (If you watched Coffee Prince, you'll know!) But it's sad how it's not a painting any more. It's just a stick on wall decal.

It is customary.

Cheryl 언니!

This is Joy! We both share the same surname and she's CJ's flatmate.

That said, you should just go to the second Coffee Prince cafe. The one nearer Hongdae Exit #5. You get male baristas (the whole point of calling it Coffee PRINCE), you get cheaper coffee and cakes, and you don't have to walk so far.

Unless you're a drama junkie like me, then this previous filming site is a must go. They kept everything the same, just that we couldn't go up to the second floor where the couple always met. Eunchan and Hangyul?


Follow it exactly. Cos' that's what I did and I found it easily! (:

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