JYPE Building & Crazy Ddeok: 11 June 2010


I was free that day but I was down with cramps the night before, so I didn’t set out till close to evening. Joy and I went walking around Apgujeong and we tried to find the JYP building as well as Cube Entertainment.

There were fans waiting at the Dunkin Donuts opposite. Cube Entertainment is just a few blocks down the road, but it's quite well-hidden in the sense that it doesn't look like an entertainment company at all. I tried to see if we would spot any celebrities there, but both 4minute and B2ST were probably busy resting for the Star Concert in Jeonju the next day.

Cube Entertainment is where the arrow is pointing.

We walked all the way to Apgujeong after that where we two shared a big pot of Seafood Ddeokbokki at this place called Crazy Ddeok. If I didn't remember wrongly, this costs about 16,000 KRW plus you can add on a value meal, so it probably went up to about 10,000 KRW or slightly more per person.

They fry rice with roe, seaweed, kimchi and cheese with the leftover sauce. SO GOOD.

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