KBS Super Junior's Kiss the Radio Recording: 9 June 2010

Photo with T-Max's Minchul! He spoke great English!

A KBS Super Junior Kiss the Radio (Sukira) recording is essential in almost every fangirl’s trip to Korea. And I’m not even a Super Junior fan. But they always have rising and also popular guests on the show, so there is no reason not to go, really. 

The show begins recording from 10pm every weekday night. It's not open for viewing every night though. Your best bet would be to check the schedule here: http://www.kbs.co.kr/radio/coolfm/kiss/notice/index.html Look for the week that you're planning to go and then see if there are the words "보이는 라디오" meaning viewable radio. They usually update it at the start of the week. The guests usually leave by 11pm, so if you're there for just the guests and not Hyukjae and Eeteuk, you can still catch the last train home.

Getting there is easy. Go to Yeoido (여의도) subway station and come out via Exit #2. Once you're out, walk straight till you come to a big park. Walk across the park and then on your left you should see a huge building. There will be a big flight of stairs leading up to the lobby of the building. Don't enter! The recording studio's window is towards the left of the first floor of the building. You should see a group of fans gathering by 8-9pm. 

When I went, Jea from Brown Eyed Girls and Minchul from T-Max were the regular guests for the Wednesday slot, while Donghae from Super Junior was the guest. There were a lot of people tonight, a lot of foreign fans there just for Donghae.

I was really lucky to have gotten a space right at the front so I could see properly and also film relatively uninterruptedly. Joy brought me there, and as usual, I dragged PS along, knowing she liked Donghae. Okay to clarify, I'm not a Super Junior fan, but I did start off liking Donghae years back, so it was a very pleasant experience being able to watch him live. 

We managed to get the photo with T-Max's Minchul because according to Joy, it was his nicer manager that was there that day. We introduced ourselves as foreign fans and he conversed very fluently in English with us. He didn't want the flash initially because he said it would be too harsh on his face? But the shot turned out alright! I didn't really like his dreadlocks though.

I definitely wanna go back! It's so easy to go to!

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