Meeting Chun Doong at Arirang M-Wave: 29 June 2010

I am stuck at Cafe Pascucci at Gangnam while waiting for friends, so I'm basically blogging this on my iTouch, praying hard I can tap on the wireless here and post it up!

So~ I had probably the most epic fan encounters yet in my entire stay here. I got to talk to Thunder/Chundoong and hug him. (Hey! It's called fan service right?!)

Basically Maria and Kez went with me to the M-Wave recording at Konkuk University and MBLAQ was taking ages to come due to the rain so they wanted to get Chun Doong to entertain us fans, because he had already reached cos' he's one of the hosts.

I look funny here. (Thank you, Maria for taking these photos!)

And the host guy who is actually the English PD I think, calls three girls up to dance. One girl rocks the stage with her Y dance. The other two remain and he's like okay you all will interview Chun Doong and I shout "영어로 괜찮아요?!" (Is it okay if I do it in English?!) And he tells me to come up anyway and tries to get me to dance but I don't know anything. So I keep saying "못해요!". (I can't do it!) And he relents and gets me to talk about Singapore. Wth?!? Shortly after, Chun Doong comes out and I died on the spot. He talks to the other girl first. And then he looks over at me when it's my turn and I slowly walk over, all this while dying on the inside. Lol.

I'm the awkward-looking one standing on the right of the photo. Chun Doong's so skinny isn't he!?

Me: Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Sarah from Singapore.
CD: Hi I'm Chun Doong. *holds out his hand for me to shake*
Me: *laughs* I know!
CD: *smiles* Oh.
Me: You are...a lot better looking than I expected.
CD: Ahaha, thank you.
Me: Oh I just want to tell you, you guys have lots of fans in Singapore and internationally. You should come to Singapore.
CD: Yes, I'll go to Singapore and do give it to my Y~ *dances*
Me: *dies* Can I...get a hug from you?
CD: *looks at me for a moment and hugs me*
Me: *reeling in from shock* Thank you. *shakes his hand again*

Three things I gather from the interaction and hug: 1) HE IS SO SKINNY! I felt like I was going to break him. 2) He is so, so, so nice. And humble too. Could really feel it. 3) He is very pretty. His face, his demeanour. Maybe it's cos' he had a lot of make up. I couldn't stop staring at his eye make up. So pretty!

The girl before me totally pounced on him for the hug. At least I asked! Girl after me was Chinese and a little older so I guess she didn't want to go pedo on him. So she spoke briefly and said thank you. Girl after that, the one who danced Y, she dances with him and he gives her a hug. But she was pretty shy about it.

Code V's Maknae, Jae Won, heard me call "재원 오빠!" and he looked up, saw me wave and waved back smiling. Twice. I love that bowl-haircut kid!

I definitely enjoyed today's M Wave! It was my third, and also my last M-Wave recording because I'm leaving on Saturday. Sigh, I will definitely miss going for things like this!

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