Meeting Yoseob in Apgujeong: 2 June 2010

I know you're probably thinking, what's the big deal, didn't I already see a lot of Korean celebrities at the Dream Concert 2010, what big deal is a Yoseob?

But this time, I would consider it a real star-spotting incident, I saw him, Yang Yoseob, alone in the streets. Presumably after a shopping trip.

I was walking along the street to turn into Apgujeong's Rodeo Street (outside Uniqlo, maybe) when suddenly this boy with blond hair walks into my line of vision in the opposite direction. And I thought to myself, oh hey, cute Korean boy. And then he looked back at me. And when our eyes met (sorry for how cheesy this sounds), I suddenly realises OMG ISN'T IT YOSEOB FROM B2ST!? And then I had the 'I know you from somewhere...' kinda look, so he looked a little scared and then he quickened his footsteps. I think he was afraid of being recognised? And knew we kinda recognised him. *stabs self in foot* I can't believe I stared at him for about 3 seconds without even saying a word. All this while exchanging eye contact.

Subsequent conversation between me and my friend when he walked past me...

Friend: Who? Doojoon, Yoseob, Kikwang?
Me: Blond hair! Yoseob!

We must have lost about 30 seconds talking. And then we decided to change direction and walk in the direction he was walking in, when we saw that he turned towards a traffic light crossing. So I thought, awesome chance to stop him, and confirm it was him. And ask for a signature or photo in the meantime. BUT NO. He gets into a cab. My friend and I freak out and dash to the side of the cab and we catch a last glimpse of him looking out at us. And then the cab goes off after 2 seconds.

Next time I see a celebrity/lookalike, I'm just going to stop that person and ask. I didn't stop Yoseob because I thought, okay, it might just be a guy that looks A LOT like him. But homg, how stupid. How would a lookalike even have the exact same hair colour? Stupid me. But then I was really doubtful because 1) There was no fans around him. 2) He really looked like the average Korean kid guy you see on the streets. Except with blond hair.

By the way, Yoseob was really cute, but he looked a little tired. Maybe also because he didn't have make-up. He looked so young, like a little boy. And he was carrying a purple/blue (?) backpack and a paper bag. Kid must have gone shopping on his own.


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