My First Inkigayo Experience: 20 June 2010

So one fine day, we decide we have to go to Inkigayo because it will be pretty pathetic if we've been to Korea and never to a music show, considering how we're all such K-pop fans. So I decided to go in through Infinite's fans. I'm assuming it is easier to get in now because Infinite is new. But once they have an official fan club formed, my friend says it will be a lot harder.

For this mission, I grabbed PS and Maria with me. PS wasn't an Infinite fan (Yet!) but she had always wanted to watch music shows. Maria, on the other hand, was a seasoned music show-goer, so it made sense to pull her in with me. And she said she liked Infinite's music, so yay!

So how it worked for Infinite's unofficial fan club, is that when we reached, we looked for a girl who was wearing an Infinite staff pass. She wrote our names on a list and asked if we had the albums and this thing called a slogan. (I later found out that the slogan is just a fan banner which one can purchase for 3,000 KRW.)

We reached at about 9am and were 20-odd on the queue. So, we got to go in about 10.30am for their pre-recorded performance, because they needed the whole stage setup and all. We also got to watch the performances before and after them, 4minute and CN Blue.

Look at how small the actual Inkigayo stage is!


Hyun Ah was so cute. I swear. I never really liked her very much, but after Invincible Youth, it was pretty hard to hate on her. And she was really adorable, acknowledging the fans and holding onto the older ones in the group. One thing I like about watching Korean celebrities in Korea as compared to in Singapore, is that they're a lot more at ease with talking to fans. Hyun Ah talked a lot to the fans in front and even did some aegyo (acting cute) movements.

Changing the stage for CN Blue!

CN Blue were great with fan service, especially Min Hyuk. He waved his drum sticks at us and smiled really big. It was pretty easy to see us because Maria has blond hair. Plus we were sitting right in the middle near the top, so when Min Hyuk looked up, there we were!

When it was the boys' turn to perform, we got ushered to the front and got to stand right in front of the stage. The boys performed 3 times in total. 4minute and CN Blue did theirs almost 5 times each due to technical errors and slips. We weren't able to get very much out of the Infinite boys during the whole Inkigayo pre-recording because they were SO fixated on not missing their cue. All three times. We tried hard to get the boys' attention, just because. But they barely acknowledged. It's understandable, I could tell they were pretty nervous and all. Only at their last performance did they wave to fans before walking off. Sung Jong, their maknae (youngest one) was such a doll! He was the only one that was looking so happy doing the performance while everyone was like, must-not-get-this-wrong focused.

So we got ushered out of the premises at 1.30pm. Yes, it takes that long to record three groups' performances. They basically tear and rebuild the stage a lot.

Lunch! Raw fish and rice! 회덥밥!

And was told by the Korean fan girls to return at 2.30pm. Afterwhich they started checking our CDs and slogans. We fulfilled all the criteria and got an Inkigayo ticket from them for the LIVE recording! AWESOME MUCH?!We weren't expecting it at all! They wrote numbers on our hands. I was number 17 and my friends were 18 and 19. We went in at about 3 and the show started about 3.30pm.

We got to sit at the back. CN Blue fans were in the front because CN Blue was going to win the prize. And 2PM fans were in the front too, cos' of the hosts.

CN Blue was so cute with their performance. Because the pre-recorded one was already airing and they didn't have to bother with the cameras, Min Hyuk was holding the guitar and Jong Shin held the drumsticks for the fans. TOO CUTE. Min Hyuk started imitating Yong Hwa's usual cheesy hand actions and everyone was laughing so much.

Basically cos' the Infinite boys already recorded their performance, when it was their turn, they just danced and sang, but I believe their mics were off. They looked a lot more relaxed knowing that it wasn't for broadcast. And I finally managed to get Hoya's attention. After waving continously for a period of time. We looked kinda funny. He looked up at us and waved! I swear that boy keeps giving us this weird look. Even at the M-Wave recording I went to a few days back.

Okay, so the show ended and we assembled outside. I read on their Daum Cafe that they would have something like a 'special event' but I wasn't too sure, so I made sure we kept the Korean fan girls in sight. True enough, they got us in order according to the numbers on our hands and walked us to a random middle school about 2 blocks away from SBS.

And then we waited and waited for the mini fan meeting. It was pretty amazing how everything went so smoothly and we kept getting surprises one after another. All we were ever expecting was to see a pre-recording and we got a full live show and a fan meeting!

The boys arrived after about 10-15 minutes of waiting and they were all so friendly! Not expecting it, considering how they weren't so fan-service-y at Inkigayo as compared to groups like 4minute and CN Blue. But they made up for the at the mini fan meeting!

Sungyeol, Myungsoo (L), Hoya, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Sungjong and Sunggyu.

They addressed us and thanked us for coming and every member said something. Sungyeol was adorable. He saw us coming closer and he was like, "Take more photos!" in Korean and asked us to come even closer. He even posed for us! Lovely boy.

All this while, Hoya was looking at us (myself and my two friends) in a suspicious manner. Lol. Maria is obviously foreign, fair skinned, blond hair. While PS and I are Singaporeans, so we look Asian/Korean to them? He just kept looking at us! Maybe he remembered me as the crazy girl that kept yelling his name and waving to him.

Okay back to the fan meeting. To make things even better, the Korean fan girls (the leaders) said we could hi-five them! And told us to get in line according to our numbers. When I reached Sunggyu, I told him "I'm from Singapore!" in Korean and he was all like "Really?" and he had his smiley eyes. And I was all ghkfjsghsdhjfg but then I had to move on so I forgot what else I wanted to say. I really wished he'll say more, but no he didn't. I kinda skipped over Maknae and Woohyun because...I forgot? And also because they just smiled at me. So I just smiled back and walked to Dongwoo. Dongwoo isn't one of my favourites, but he is SO friendly. He was like "HI!". Very cute.

And when I reached Hoya, I was honestly very, very nervous. Eventually I managed a "You're so...good...looking!" in Korean, but it came out weird. L saw that I was all nervous over Hoya and smirked. I thought he'd be all cool and all, but he's really friendly too! I hi-fived him and smiled at him and forgot what I wanted to tell him.

When we reached Sungyeol , we held up the entire line. I told him I'm from Singapore and asked him if he knew where it was. He said he did, and I was like "You have to come!" and he's like, uh, okay!

But lol, at the end when they were wrapping up, their manager comes to them and says they have a foreign fan in their midst. (My obviously foreign friend.) And I'm like NO YOU GUYS HAVE THREE FOREIGN FANS HERE. But I didn't say that of course. And he says to say a greeting in English.

That's when I established that none of them speak English. Sungyeol being the awesome kid that he is, said "Thank you for coming! You are...very beautiful!" to my friend. And with that we concluded that he pretty much exhausted his entire English vocabularly.

Really great experience. The Infinite kids were great, and we got to see SO many acts we wouldn't have seen upclose. Dream Concert didn't count. There was 4minute, CN Blue, Orange Caramel, Code V, DNA, Super Junior, Davichi (My third time hearing the girls live. They were SO GOOD.) and a few other lesser-known groups that were great nonetheless.

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