Road Trip! 22 June - 26 June 2010 PART I

Our initial plan was to spend a good 4-5 days in Busan (부산) because we had heard so much about it from our fellow exchange friends. However, we did our research and discovered the place was pretty much beaches, temples and historical sites. And they were all pretty far-flung. On hindsight, the other people probably enjoyed it a lot because of the beaches. But to me, beaches are a common thing, so...yeah.

So due to several farewells, parties and Inkigayo filmings (Don't judge us! What's a fangirl's life without a few music show recordings thrown in!?), we postponed our trip. And in the process, we kinda abandoned our friend, SH, who had to travel alone for his Busan leg. SORRY!

22 June 2010 (Tuesday)

I spent a good part of the day sleeping, lazing around, doing random stalking. We were still on our Infinite-high, obviously. Maria and I went in search of Infinite’s company, knowing that they wouldn’t be appearing on M-Wave that evening. She brought me to Star Empire, ZE:A’s company, too, because I owed her for making her go with me to Infinite’s company. We got to see the boys and we saw Taehun come out to take gifts and thank some Japanese fans. We wrote on the walls of Star Empire, giving some love to Kevin because we noticed that he had really little graffiti dedicated to him.

And then we took the train all the way down to Konkuk University station for our weekly fix of M-Wave! No photos from that because they’re very strict about photos. But, I did bring back with me, a shirt signed by Chung Lim. He’s a singer, but not very popular. Nonetheless, he was good live and he was very, very nice to the audience. He had a little girl fan who kept calling out for him, like “Chung Lim Oppa!” And everyone in the hall were all gushing at how cute the girl was. Even Chung Lim himself grinned when he heard it.
We also caught DNA and Code V. We were totally fail because we were shouting for Jay while looking at Karam. And poor Jay looked so confused. It wasn’t till my French friend pointed out that we were shouting at Karam instead (because his shirt said so) that we changed.

And Code V was pretty awesome as well. The thing I love about being at such music shows is that you get to see underrated acts perform live. Apart from them, we also caught Monday Kiz and December. December is another group whose music I came to love after listening to them at M-Wave.

We headed home, freshed up a little. I packed and we met Young Kyu and PS at the nearby Fried Chicken shop for the South Korea VS. Nigeria match. All my World Cup match viewings are documented HERE.

23 June 2010 (Wednesday)

Maybe it was a bad idea to not have slept at all. The match ended about 5 odd, and we had to catch the bus about 9 or 10, so I decided that in order to not oversleep, I wouldn't sleep at all. BAD IDEA. I was so cranky. I remember snapping a lot at PS and being nit-picky over the smallest things. SORRY PS, YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU.

But once I had enough sleep on the 3.5 to 4 hour long bus ride to Damyang (담야양), Jeollanamdo (절라남 도), I was back to my usual self. We met WM there. She had spent the past week travelling around Sokcho, Jeju and Busan with different groups of people. Amazed at her stamina!

When we reached the Damyang Bus Terminal, we had a huge shock. We had been to smaller towns, but this was...epic. The bus terminal looked like something out of the 1960s or 1970s in Singapore and the town was almost dead. Fortunately there were taxis waiting outside and the Ahjusshi took us to the Bamboo Park (죽녹원).

We had lunch at a restaurant nearby and decided to order the famous Bamboo Rice. HOWEVER, it was quite a big disappointment. Not to mention, the rice was really expensive. 10,000 KRW for a small container. We ordered Pork Ribs (갈비) to go along with it and we were made to order 2 servings minimum. (15,000 KRW per serving.) We figured that since our trip was already pretty short, we wouldn't be so stingy with our food expenses. And so we indulged.

Ribs (갈비/Kalbi)!

Bamboo rice (대통밥/Daetongbap)

We trekked up to the Bamboo Park after lunch. MAD TIRING. Poor WM had two huge bags and we couldn't deposit them in the locker because some Koreans put their really teeny bags into the leftover lockers. I was glaring at them, because it was so obvious we all needed the lockers so much more than them.

The Bamboo Park was very pretty. But there were tonnes of tourists there, which kinda marred the serenity of the place a little. Nonetheless, it was scenic. And it was the first time I saw so many bamboo shoots clustered in person. It was like a scene out of a period drama! And we later found out that Iljimae (일지매), starring Lee Jun Ki, was also filmed here before.

As always, Korea has lovely spots for couples to take photos.

We met a really nice Ahjumma who sold the most awesome Iced Peach Tea (1,500 KRW!) who told us we could take a public bus from outside the Bamboo Park to Gwangju (광주), thereby saving us an additional trip back to the isolated Damyang Bus Terminal.

I dozed off on the bus and kept banging my head against the glass. Not pleasant at all.

We met another nice lady, in this case, we use Agasshi. I'll refrain from using Ahjumma cos' she doesn't really fit that image. She offered us places to go and we asked her a little about our itinerary for the next day, which was to Gokseong (곡성), also a little town in Jeollanamdo (절라남 도). She even told us about nearby accomodations, thereby saving us a lot of unecessary walking.

We settled in a motel by the main road. Relatively affordable, we paid less than 20,000 KRW per person per night. We stayed for two nights total. And like all other places we stayed, we had our own computer, TV and washroom. Excellent.

We headed out for dinner to a street that reminded me a lot of Myeong Dong. Okay it's called Chonnam University Back Gate Area. Like you know how Ewha Women's University has the Edae area? This is Chonnam University's shopping area I guess. In fact, it was even cleaner and less congested than Myeong Dong. The fashion was comparable to that of Seoul and there were even shops like Zara there.

We had a western dinner at a cute little cafe-restaurant. It was pretty cool...until they served us pickles with our western food. Amusing. And we spotted Kimchi Pilaf on the menu. I...wonder how it'd taste like...

We caught a drama with Jerry Yen in it (OMG CHINESE! SOMETHING WE COULD UNDERSTAND!) and I subsequently dozed off while WM and PS caught an England match.

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