Road Trip! 22 June - 26 June 2010 PART III

25 June 2010 (Friday)

We parted ways with WM who had already been to Busan.The trip there was pretty long, about 3 hours and 45 minutes. But we were lucky to have gotten the Luxury buses. (As compared to the Normal buses which were more cramped.)

Slept, slept, slept. When we got to Busan, we headed towards Seomyeon to find a place to sleep for the night. We were intending to stay in one of those Love Motels cos' they could be really cheap. But all of them looked incredibly shady that I decided to call one of the guesthouses I had on my contact list and ask for vacancies. They directed us to Blue Backpacker's ( that was somewhere behind Lotte Mall. We had to spend some time finding it, but fortunately it was pretty central.

What you should definitely do upon reaching Busan is get a day pass that enables you unlimited travel on the subway. It's about 2,500 KRW which is pretty affordable.

Took a train down to Jagalchi Fish Market to have my much craved raw fish and we found a shop that had a stall owner that spoke good English. It's the first stall on your right when you take the escalator up to the second floor. We paid 20,000 KRW each for a very, very sumptous meal. I think we spent about 2-3 hours eating, lol.

Raw fish or 회. (Pronounced as 'Hway'.) It looks like Sashimi, but I would say the taste is a lot fishier. And you can eat this with lettuce and red pepper paste!

The things in the white bowl were slushing around and PS was so grossed out. I finished them all cos' the guy told us it was good for our skin. And it was nice!

Spicy fish soup that wasn't spicy cos' we requested for it. (매운탕/Maeun Tang)

"So much food..." But we finished it all! Or at least, I tried to.

Cooked food is sold on the second floor while the live fishes are sold on the first. So you can buy fish from the first and bring it up to the second for it to be cooked.

We tried to go shopping at Nampo-Dong, but it was raining so heavily, we decided to go back to Seomyeon to our hostel.

When we got back to Seomyeon, we slept and were going to wake up to go to Gwangali Beach at night where Gwangan Bridge would be at it's prettiest. However, the rain hadn't stopped at all! So we slept even more and then decided to go out only around 9-10 PM. Gwangali Beach (광안리) is home to the huge Gwangan Grand Bridge and it is also called Diamond Bridge, because of how it stands out when it's shrouded in darkeness, I suppose. I thought it was really pretty and grand. And I liked how buildings could stand so close to the beach. 

"So cold!" But I had to get a shot of me against the Gwangan Bridge!

Since we were out so late, we had intended to spend the night out at a local sauna, called Jimjilbang. However, we couldn't find a nice one, so we headed back to Seomyeon and settled for drinks and Fruit Soju at Wara Wara, a local restaurant-bar.

The waiter was so cute! He couldn't quite figure out where we were from so he spoke Japanese to us and then I was like, uh, it's okay to speak Korean. But then I couldn't figure out the Korean he was using either, so he eventually went, "Smoking? No smoking?". We settled on the non-smoking area, but the seats were far from the screen. (It was one of the final N. Korea matches.) So we requested for a switch.

Egg roll! (계란 말이/Gyeran Mali)

Kiwi Soju and Sweet Potato Chips!

He made conversation with us and asked me why I spoke Korean and where we were from. I could hear that his accent wasn't Busan-tinged, so I asked him "부산 사람이 아니죠?", meaning "You're not from Busan right?". He smiled and said he was from Seoul. So we ordered Kiwi Soju and he had a really tough time trying to tell us about how we had to choose the percentage of alcohol. And when he came with the Soju making apparatus, I bet he was expecting us to watch him and all, but it so happened that the N. Korean goalkeeper was injured, so we were distracted. He seemed kinda sad we didn't pay any attention. And when I stood up to go to the toilet, he thought I was going to call for something, so we exchanged awkward glances. Okay, I will stop spazzing here. I can just imagine PS going, "He wasn't that cute". But overall we did notice that Busan kids are generally better-looking than Seoul ones, though their dressing is a little different.

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